Best Songs from Twenty One Pilots’ Trench

The Top Ten

1 Chlorine

I love the beginning, especially the chorus, with the smooth melody, and the jazz/rock haunting verses.
the bridge in the middle, near the end, is a beautiful melody

Most definitely the most appealing sound-wise - aieesa

The outro is so beautiful!

I love this song!

2 Jumpsuit

My name is harvy

3 Bandito

This one was my favored song on this album. The ambiance was just right. - KRX

4 Morph

Trench has so many great songs but this one has a nice chill R&B feel blended with twenty one pilots’ signature sound which makes for a very unique and cool song

-Uncle Tony

Beautiful. Just full of bliss. It seems like a mix of slow-burning R&B and smooth, polished art rock. And then there's the beautiful lyrics about reincarnation. A MUST-HAVE!

Nicholas borbacki

5 Neon Gravestones

At first I thought this song was almost boring and too long until I discovered the emotion of this song. The lyrics and the message that Tyler brings to this song is incredible; it almost brings me to tears now. Twenty One Pilots do an amazing job at discussing heavy subjects such as suicide in their music and this song really shows how well they pull off this topic in their music - Carlss

Such an emotional, mellow song that sends chills down my spine

6 My Blood

Wait, why isn't this #1? Such a great song to both chill out or rock out to.

Deserves at least #2

So good!

7 Nico and the Niners
8 Levitate

When you hit the rap at the start it is so good

Hey, what's going on?! This is my favorite



Why 11th? Levitate is great!

9 Pet Cheetah

Yet another album list made way before it was released, just to cash in for the clout.

My personal favourite

Greatest song drummer awesome


10 The Hype

This song is really underrated

Definitely an underrated song - JamesBourne

The Contenders

11 Cut My Lip

Hh so underrated - thatguy32

12 Leave the City

As if Truce and Goner had a child - RanoTraino

13 Legend

Oh man, that final part of the song! :'(

This is my favorite trench song and one of my favorite tøp songs, surprised it's this low to be honest

14 Smithereens

You really have to pay attention to the lyrics with this song. Once you understand it, its truly amazing

So underrated

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