Top Ten Songs from Twenty One Pilots' Twenty One Pilots

One of their most underrated albums (usually just called Self Titled), besides Regional at Best, that once you listen to the whole thing you will be ready to cry your heart out and question your existence. It's sad and, well... depressing if you listen to the lyrics. (I'm mostly going off from the meaning of the song rather than anything else for the order of this list)

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1 Isle of Flightless Birds Isle of Flightless Birds

Wow I love this song it's my favorite on self title never expected it to be 1 though so yay

The songwriting on this song really stands out from the rest of the album(in a good way). It is just pure genius and I totally agree that this is the best song from selftitled!

This song is about people, Christians or not, who waste their potential in life. This is referenced as an isle of flightless birds because they have these beautiful wings but they choose not to use them for what they are meant. The song is meant to inspire the listener to action, and to make them stop being apathetic about things that have eternal weight. - Eternal_Laughter

This song gives me chills every time I listen to it. It's so, so beautiful, especially the bridge.

2 Taxi Cab Taxi Cab

It's just amazing!

This is the only one of their songs to make me cry...that speaks for itself

Such a beautiful song, love it

Amazing piano, beautiful lyrics, and a wonderful story of Tyler going to heaven after death. I may not be very religious, but I love the use of metaphors for Jesus and the love he writes for God here. - Eternal_Laughter

3 Trapdoor Trapdoor

I feel like the man is me because I'm do hide how I feel so much and this song sort of helps me cope with it. Although I may look happy, most likely, I'm really not. This song represents me so well and describes how I feel so accurately that it's like I'm actually saying it. Whenever I listen to "Trapdoor", I like to play it with my headphones on and the volume up as loud as possible so that every part of my body can hear me, this cry for help and saving but nobody knows I'm alive (no phun intended.)

I love this song so much! It really screams "me! " and it represents me so much! I always cry when I listen to it because it reminds me how much I feel like, and am that man in the song.

This is honestly the most beautiful twenty one pilots song I've ever heard. The lyrics are so powerful and I love it so much.

The fact he uses a name off a grave makes you think so much

4 Addict With a Pen

Another religious song. But this time it talks about how Tyler has been parting from God and how he tries to get back to him and hold onto what he has left (a.k.a the little water he holds in his hands as he roams the desert of his mind). Very beautiful, especially the progression of the song how it starts off nice and slow with just the piano and then the drums being added and its picks up the pace a bit. - Eternal_Laughter

By far one of the most beautifully sad songs this is my favorite song off this album

This song is life

"I've been walking the deserts of my mind, and I haven't found a drop of life"

Beautiful lyrics starting off slowly and then moving into an amazingly lyrical rap. Many songs have followed this pattern, though few have ever done it correctly. Twenty One Pilots is among them, and they created a masterpiece that is this song.

5 Fall Away

Along with Taxi Cab, this song is a pure masterpiece. It has all the elements I wish for in a song, including rap, and Tyler's vocals are so nice and powerful. - Carlss

Fall away... literally so amazing. makes me cry every time. this and friend, please always make me cry because they are so powerful

This is my favorite song in the universe. Besides addict with a pen, of course. I feel like it should at least be number two.

I love this song and feel it should be higher - YOUnique253

6 Friend, Please

I really like trapdoor it is one of the greatest song but when I heard this song, I cried after the first chorus. It struck something deep inside me something I understand. People get depression from this song helping with suicide but I have severe panic attacks that are getting worse. My parents think I need to stop listening to Twenty One Pilots because they think this is the problem but no. I can't control them I try to tell them but, they think I am trying to get attention because I am usually "happy" which really I am not. At night no one sees my panic attacks now coming in day time. Stay alive |-/

Always makes me cry. This song saved my BFF's life anf mine

Not gonna lie, this song saved my life. There's something so special about these lyrics that resonate so much with so many of us.

And if you listen closely you will hear my heart breaking... again... Very serious and depressing song that talks about Tyler trying to convince his friend not to take their life away. He tells them he is there for them and that dying is not worth it. - Eternal_Laughter

7 Air Catcher

I love this song so much. Every song on this album deserves a #1 spot for me, but this may have to be my favorite. It has the coolest sounds and instrumentals of every Twenty One Pilots song (in my opinion) and the lyrics are super relatable for anyone who has fallen in love before. Still one of my favorite songs (and albums) of all time.

This song is my current obsession

I feel like this should at least be in the top 3. This song is AMAZING! I know it's not very well known since it is on this earlier album, but it really is one of my favorites. First of all, the lyrics are amazing, and so easy to understand, (I mean you can understand the meaning) and the beat is great. Please give it a listen. It's amazing and totally unique. Sorry I'm not really good at writing persuasive comments but I wanted to recommend this great song.

It's very rare to find a song about love with these guys, but this isn't your typical love song either. It talks about how Tyler doesn't want to fall in love with the actual feeling of falling in love, hence the lyric "I won't fall in love with falling". He is also hesitant about letting the other person have information about himself, feeling as if he would be betrayed if he let the other person in. - Eternal_Laughter

8 The Pantaloon

I don't agree with this- EXCUSE ME, COULD YOU PLEASE LEAVE

This is my second favorite song by the band - Seventies-Music-Fan

Lol pantaloon


9 March to the Sea

I love this song, it speaks to listeners so well

Humanity and blindly just walking towards death. Basically the whole concept of this song is just that and how we have grown tired to just go and look for a purpose or anything better. - Eternal_Laughter

Definitely my favorite of Ty's deliberately religious songs.


10 Before You Start Your Day

Mah heart
Mah soul - RanoTraino


Well, let me just say that this song gave me the chills the first time I listened to it. It gave a rather eerie yet sad-ish feel to it at first, with all the lyrics that kept attacking me right in the heart! But I love it so much and it's one of my personal favorites from the band. It talks about using the comfort of music to conquer insecurities and demons and I feel like many of us can really relate to this. - Eternal_Laughter

The heck? Why is this so low? - JamesBourne


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11 Oh Ms. Believer

Why is this one so low? It's one of their most beautiful songs.

My favorite song

Quite good

This is one of my favorites, how is it so low on this list? It was one of the first twenty øne piløts songs I'd ever heard and I immediately fell in love with it!

12 Implicit Demand for Proof

Too beautiful for words

Absolutely gorgeous intro

Why is this the last song oml

Why so low...

13 Johnny Boy

The story of an everyday boy who is troubled with the fact that he feels unimportant. The song also echoes off Tyler's experience with depression and can be found throughout the whole song... *starts tearing up* I'm fine... Completely fine... *breaks down* - Eternal_Laughter

It's a song about helping this kid-no scratch that, you the listener-whose dying. Whose losing hope in the world. Whose on the brink if killing himself because everything is so bland and only feels pain. But the song tells you to get your butt off the ground because people love you and that there is hope. Love this song

This is my favorite tøp song of all time. - thunderstar1124

This song makes me cri everytim

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14 A Car, a Torch, a Death

I have one word to describe this song, and that is "beautiful." The few of us who appreciate this song in its entirety know that.

I think TOP is their best album to be honest. - Bboymakinwitthefrekfreak

The demon sat there waiting on her porch, it was a little dark so he held a makeshift torch.
It's great, I'm only a fan of self titled


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