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1 Holding Onto You Holding Onto You

This song is outstanding! Saying this is number 3, tells you how good this album is. The chorus is wonderful and the beat is fantastic! Love this song to death, its melodic vocals and celebratory vibe makes this song a great listen. Will always treasure this song. TWISTING THE KALEIDOSCOPE BEHIND BOTH OF MY EYES - YOUnique253

Lean with it, rock with it,
When we gonna stop with it,
Lyrics that mean nothing,
We were gifted with thought,
Is it time to move our feet
To an introspective beat,
It ain't the speakers that bump hearts,
It's our hearts that make the beat.
'enough said

2 Car Radio Car Radio

Not much of a background, but it is not needed, as this songs lyrics by itself could be hung in a museum. This song is only number four because of its simplicity and not being too catchy, but that doesn't mean I under appreciate the glory of the words that flood out emotion and energy. A true Masterpiece! MY SKIN WILL SCREAM REMINDING ME OF WHO I KILLED INSIDE MY DREAM - YOUnique253

This song is nothing short of stunning. It's so vulnerable, much more so than Holding On To You. Although it's one of their most popular, I'll never stop loving it.

I love it! It was the first song I listened to before becoming a full on Twenty One Pilots fan. "Sometimes quiet is violent" those lyrics speak to me so much

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3 Ode to Sleep Ode to Sleep

This song takes brilliantly clever risks, shape shifting from a hard hitting rap, to a upbeat pop sound. Its an amazing balance, that really represents how I personally feel most of the time Anyways this song is gold, and is underrated considering how amazing it is. I WILL SET MY SOUL ON FIRE, WHAT HAVE I BECOME? - YOUnique253

Love the beginning and the "WHAT HAVE I BECOME I'm sorry" parts. The rap in the beginning is so awesome and the ending part is so sad.

Definitely the BEST song on Vessel and one of my all time favorites! Great rap, great pop-ish sound. I love how it is a happy and sad song at the same time and in my opinion the most full 5 minute song I have ever heard. BUY THIS SONG!

The lyrics and beat switches are just perfect. Plus this one is fun to try to memorize.

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4 Migraine Migraine

What people don't realize about this song is that for many of us, it's a message that we're not alone. It's not just about a headache, it's a message of hope.

Just everything about this song is great. The beat, the lyrics, the awesome delivery by Tyler, I can't get enough of this song!

Best song so far! I really like the lyrics, it's meaningful and it's beautiful. SOMETIMES TO STAY ALIVE YOU GOTTA KILL YOUR MIND c:

Sweat, just sweat

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5 Trees Trees

This (aside from Lovely) is my all-time favorite song. Firstly, the sound is gorgeous and I love how it builds in an intense crescendo until the end, which is an amazing release of emotion and meaning. More important is the message conveyed, which is beautiful and has really changed the way I approach life.

The runner up song on this album! A stand out song that I thinks refines this album and makes it more relevant to me. The lyrics are great and the slow but dance track was evolutionary for this great band! I love this song to death, absolutely the best! I KNOW WHERE YOU STAND SILENT IN THE TREES - YOUnique253

So pretty this one. I live to listen to this song only. Warning: may trigger post concert depression/intense sadness about not being able to attend a concert as this is always their closing song.

6 Guns for Hands Guns for Hands

I love the melody and being someone who has gone through deep depression and many suicidal thoughts and few attempts, I feel like I relate to this song the most

It's truly beautiful and relatable for many people out there.

This song resonates much more with the people who understand it, which is why it's so low on the list. Personally, I think it's some of Ty's best song writing and should be higher up.

I used to not like this song until I understood it. It's so goooddd

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7 House of Gold House of Gold

THE BEST SONG on this album, and maybe one of the best of the whole year. Tyler and Josh did justice on this one! The vocals are smashing and the rhythm is upbeat and the lyrics are catchy! I could go on forever about how much this song rocks, but I'll simply say this will always be one of my favorite of their songs, which says a lot, since I love ALL of their songs :D WHEN YOUR FARTHER TURNS TO STONE, WILL YOU TAKE CARE OF ME! - YOUnique253

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8 Semi-Automatic Semi-Automatic

Semi-Automatic is literally my life. I have two sides to my personality: the rainbows/unicorns half and the I-hate-my-life half. Therefore, I'm double-sided.

Aren't we all a little double sided? I feel this one does us all a little justice and puts some hard to explain feelings into real words.

I hate this song! Only song on Vessel that I don't own!

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9 Truce Truce

By far one of the band's best songs. These lyrics are so simple yet so beautiful and the phrase "stay alive" is something many of us need to hear.

This song is way too underrated. It deserves more attention!

Best and underrated twenty one pilots song

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10 Fake You Out Fake You Out

Why aren't we talking about this song? It's so amazing I mean really. don't we all try to fake people out, saying we're fine? I relate to this more than I should but its gorgeous

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11 The Run and Go The Run and Go

As someone with severe depression (or whatever it's called) this song makes me really happy. I love the lyrics and the beat and it makes me feel alive along with House of Gold and some others.

This is a good song too, why isn't Semi-Automatic down here?

12 Screen Screen

The piano and the ukelele are already good, but what makes this song one of the best is that Tyler wrote this for us.

This is a great song, why is it so far down?

When looking for this, I said "Screen is gonna be bottom." YEP! This song, along with lovely are the most depressing songs TØP has ever created

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