Best Songs On Tyler, the Creator's Goblin


The Top Ten

1 Yonkers

I hate this album and can't believe Tyler did.this but this has some lit rhymes and a great flow. His only problem is that he slurs a bit and (which occurs in every song he raps) overuses swear words. It's fine to swear but overusing them can get pretty annoying. His rhymes are quite good too and this is the only song of the nonsensical album that I like. 4/5 - AlphaQ

Are u a idiot if u didn't like this album u softcore bitch

2 Sandwiches
3 Nightmare

Definitely one of the most meaningful - FailedStunt78

4 She

Frank defiantly started it off nicely

5 Tron Cat
6 Her
7 Goblin

This is one of the first songs I've ever heard by him and I think it really shows a different side of him. I love how he got really honest on the track and just let out every emotion he was feeling at that moment. The lyrics are honestly incredible from the incredible punchline-type lyrics to the really sincere ones where he just spills everything out. Deserves more recognition.

8 Analog
9 Au79
10 Fish

The Contenders

11 Burger
12 Bitch Suck D***
13 Golden
14 Radicals

How is this not in the top 5 at least?

15 Window

Really where is window?

16 Untitled 63
17 Steak Sauce
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