Top Ten Best Songs On Tyler Joseph's "No Phun Intended"

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1 Drown

Ugh. I could talk forever about this song and how it's impacted me, but if you haven't heard it, I want you to listen to it now and just focus on the lyrics. Listen another time for the piano. Listen a third time for the cracks in his voice, the amount of soul he pours in. Listen one last time to take it all in and just let that overcome you. And think. Because this song is a masterpiece, especially for somebody who made it in his college years.

Me: *blows loudly into tissue* Don't say it...
Tyler: can you drown me, please?

2 Blasphemy

This song is amazing!


The fact that this isn’t number one is blasphemy! I’ll let myself out.

3 Taken by Sleep

This one ruins me so much. Like, I could be having the bes day of my life but I hear this and I'm in tears. - AnonymousChick

4 Hear Me Now

oh yes

The piano intro was like a stab of depression right in the heart. - AnonymousChick

5 Save

So filled with emotion, and the chorus is just unbelievably good

6 Trees

Trees is truly inspiring and heartbreaking. Woah, look at me sounding professional. Well, the song is really beautiful. It's important to me.

7 TB Saga

Hehe this song brings my spirit up every time I listen to it. It's so...unique? - EJ_The_Bandito

Please people bot likes on this beautiful art - PleseDont

God himself made this.

Oh yes but why so low this talks about me in my daily depresssing life.

8 Prove Me Wrong

Honestly? Best vocals ever..

This is my favorite song it is so beautiful

*sobs* Jenna proved him wrong... - AnonymousChick

9 Just Like Yesterday

Everything about this...

'I can't sleep
It's just taking time off my feet
But my head instead is going a hundred miles a beat'
The lyrics that are the most precious to me

There is something so raw about this song, I can't explain it.

10 Never Change

You don't know how but it changed my life and helps me

The Contenders

11 Tonight

Why is this so low!? Hands down the best song on this album. People shouldn't be allowed to vote on this list unless they've heard every song on the album. This is insane.

Shouldn’t be lower than Taco Bell Saga.

12 Falling Too
13 I'm a Goner

I don’t like the original creaking. It takes away from the actual song - Manlypants

I was really creeped out when I found out that the creaking sound in the song was from a noose. Tyler, why man? Just why? That freaked me out. - Supernatural

14 Hole in the Ground

VERY underrated on this list. Anywhere else, it would be high, because its SUCH a good song. not here according to u people

How could you forget?

15 I Want to Know

Love the piano in the beginning. Wish someone made a tutorial for it.

16 Realize that It’s Gone

Its fkn awesome why so far Down?

17 Where Did We Go

Just wow

Underrated, PERIODT.

18 Chords/Words

This song isn't real. It's just an alternate title for Hear Me Now. - UltimateCraig

19 Going Down

The refrain on this just kills my soul

20 Whisper
21 Tear in My Heart
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