Top 10 Songs on Type O Negative's the Origin of the Feces

The Origin of the Feces is the 2nd studio album by Type O Negative, released through Roadrunner records in 1992.

What's intresting about this album was recorded in a studio, but it was produced to sound as if it had been recorded at a live show by adding crowd noises, banter with the fictitious audience, and even a song stopping because the venue supposedly had received a bomb threat. This was done to simulate some controversy the band had on tour in Europe for the Slow, Deep and Hard tour. The band is well-known among fans for weaving this type of dry humor into their often gloomy music.

Another thing that is intresting about this album is that Some of the songs are fresh arrangements of tracks that had appeared already on Slow, Deep and Hard with many of the song titles being deliberately miswritten.

This album also started the tradition of Type O Negative covering songs and translating them into their Gothic Doom Metal style.

The original album cover is a actually a close up of Peter Steele's sphincter, on most reissues of the album, the cover was changed to a green and black version of the 1493 painting by Michael Wolgemut, The Dance of Death. The album's title is an obvious pun and a reference to Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species

The Top Ten

1 Paranoid

This is one of the best covers of a Black Sabbaths song, it takes the song and adds on to it by making it longer and even adding in the riff of Iron Man in the middle of the song. - christangrant

2 I Know You're F*****g Someone Else

This song is just a fresh arrangement of the song "Unsuccessfully Coping with the Natural Beauty of Infidelity" which was from their previous album. - christangrant

3 Hey Pete

This song is actually a cover of Hey Joe by Billy Roberts which has been covered many times which include artists such as Jimi Hendrix and Deep Purple, however it is renamed Hey Pete named after frontman Peter Steele - christangrant

4 Kill You Tonight (Reprise)

In this reprise it contains a sample of the closing piano strike from The Beatles 'song "A Day in the Life". - christangrant

5 Kill You Tonight

This song and it's reprise is the song Xero Tolerance what the title renamed. - christangrant

6 Gravity

This is the renamed version of the song Gravitational Constant: G = 6.67 x 10-8 cm-3 gm-1 sec-2. - christangrant

7 Pain

This is the renamed version of Prelude to Agony - christangrant

8 Are You Afraid
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