Top Ten Songs On the Undertale Soundtrack


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1 Megalovania

Isn't it funny that Megalovania first started as a song in the Halloween Hack for Earthbound, then to Homestuck, then to Mother, and finally made its most popular debut in Undertale? Hell, I don't know anyone who heard Megalovania that HASN'T from Undertale. The other versions were so slow, but this version made its way to the fastest version (and my favorite) version. I heard them all, too.

Badass song.

Who wouldn't vote for this song? Megalovania puts BAD TIME in Do you wanna have a bad time. This undoubtedly is first for a reason- because it has energy and it's iconic. The only reason to do a Genocide run would be to hear this song, man! Not only does it mix genres of songs, but holy cow, this song has to be favorite to many, not because it's Sans' (original from Homestuck, I think), but just because in general the song is amazing.
This song is the 3rd version, but for purposes, and the song has gotten that ring to it you just can't get out of your head once it's there, am I right? Forget Death By Glamour, forget Hopes and Dreams, forget Finale (although they are really good songs), this song conquers with... DEEETTTEEERRRMMMIIINNNAAATTTIIOOONNN!

Wait a moment...
(Sees Megalovania at second in best Undertale song)
(Sees Megalovania in first on topten songs on Undertale soundtrack)

2 Death by Glamour

Perfectly combines mettaton's other themes and the new stuff. Best music in the game!

3 Spider Dance

I've never played Undertale, but this is the best Undertale music I've heard.

Best song ever!

4 Hopes and Dreams

Best. Song. ever!

6 Alphys Takes Action

WAY better than Megalovania, as is Hopes And Dreams - xandermartin98

7 Dummy!
8 Battle Against a True Hero

Suits the situation perfectly; a genocidal maniac against the hero of the underground, brought back from the brink of death to save the world!

By far my favorite, this should be way higher - Maya159610

9 Undertale
10 Heartache

The Contenders

12 Waterfall
13 Your Best Nightmare
15 Here We Are
16 Another Medium
17 Memory
18 Megalo Strikes Back
19 Metal Crusher

Easily my favorite song - Maya159610

No. 1 in my Topten list!
1. Metal crusher
3. Bonetrousle
4. Backbone
5. Spider dance
6. Dummy! (Gooseworx mix)
7. Bergentruckung
8. His theme
9. Gaster's theme
10. Spear of Justice

20 Dogsong
21 Spear Of Justice
22 Bonetrousle

This isn't my favorite, but I'm surprised this isn't on the list. It's such a great song.

This and Battle Agianst A True Hero needs to be WAY higher up, I find Megalovania to be overrated - darthvadern

23 Spooktune
24 Ghost Fight
25 Amalgam
26 Sans.
27 His Theme

Personally, this is my favorite. It's so hopeful, yet kind of sad at the same time. After a long fight, after saving your friends from their own fears, you finally get to save Asriel. This moment is so heartfelt, and songs in the Undertale soundtrack lead up to this by containing this leitmotif. And it leads up to the moment where (spoilers) in the True Pacifist route you go back and talk to Asriel, and he reveals things about Chara and how he wants to be remembered and it's sad. - Kit-Kat_Kawaii

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1. Megalovania
2. Undertale
3. Spider Dance
1. Alphys Takes Action
2. Death by Glamour
3. Hopes and Dreams
1. Death by Glamour
2. Spider Dance
3. Your Best Nightmare


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