Top Ten Songs On the Undertale Soundtrack


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1 Megalovania

It has a good toon to eet, and same is the deepest character in the whole game.


I just really like the rhythm and cause sans is my fave npc

I love the beat and it WILL STAY number 1!

2 Death by Glamour


Perfectly combines mettaton's other themes and the new stuff. Best music in the game!

3 Spider Dance

Best song ever!

I've never played Undertale, but this is the best Undertale music I've heard.

Song is underrated! It’s so catchy if you don’t like it, you're GOING TO HAVE A BAD TIME

4 Hopes and Dreams

The best reward from the Pacifist Run.


Best. Song. ever!

5 Undertale

Its such a heart warming song, just like the game itself. So of course it deserves the same title as the game. What I don't understand is why on Earth Megalovania is more popular. It might just be the fact that Sans is the most over rated character in Undertale so that would mean the his song would be over rated to. If you disagree with me I'm sorry, but please at least listen to this song. And I mean listen to it, actually focus on the song and reflect on the game. Now I'm not saying I dislike Sans or Megalovania, I just think they are to over rated to be the top.


Personally, I think that Megalovania is indeed the most famous, but nothing stops ASGORE from dominating the field in sense of the best song. The dynamics, the structure, the notes... all of it is heartbreaking and is possibly the best song in the game. Toby Fox even put in a relation to heartache, Toriel's theme... wow. Just... this is probably the most underrated song in the game, ranking 5 when it should be numero uno.

7 Alphys Takes Action

WAY better than Megalovania, as is Hopes And Dreams - xandermartin98


This should be higher. better than megalovania

9 Heartache
10 Waterfall

The Newcomers

? Reunited

The Contenders

11 Battle Against a True Hero

By far my favorite, this should be way higher - Maya159610

Suits the situation perfectly; a genocidal maniac against the hero of the underground, brought back from the brink of death to save the world!

12 Dummy!
13 Another Medium
14 Your Best Nightmare
15 Here We Are
16 Megalo Strikes Back


17 Spear Of Justice
18 Finale

This > Megalovania.
Come at me, haters. - TheCrystalWolf

Screw Megalovania! This is the no doubt best undertale song! It's also extremaly highly underrated

Megalovania wasnt even made for UT it just got used for it. HOWEVER people still overuse it. It's now a meme song. They've ruined it. BUT not my jamsXD

20 Metal Crusher

Easily my favorite song - Maya159610

No. 1 in my Topten list!
1. Metal crusher
3. Bonetrousle
4. Backbone
5. Spider dance
6. Dummy! (Gooseworx mix)
7. Bergentruckung
8. His theme
9. Gaster's theme
10. Spear of Justice

21 Memory
22 Bonetrousle

This and Battle Agianst A True Hero needs to be WAY higher up, I find Megalovania to be overrated - darthvadern

This isn't my favorite, but I'm surprised this isn't on the list. It's such a great song.

23 Spooktune
24 Dogsong
25 Ghost Fight
26 His Theme

My favorite song on the whole OST. Should at least be in the top 10. - TheCrystalWolf

Its nice but sad

Personally, this is my favorite. It's so hopeful, yet kind of sad at the same time. After a long fight, after saving your friends from their own fears, you finally get to save Asriel. This moment is so heartfelt, and songs in the Undertale soundtrack lead up to this by containing this leitmotif. And it leads up to the moment where (spoilers) in the True Pacifist route you go back and talk to Asriel, and he reveals things about Chara and how he wants to be remembered and it's sad. - Kit-Kat_Kawaii

27 It's Raining Somewhere Else

Listen. This is one of the best songs in the game (except the intro). Believe me - it brings put all the raw pain and suffering sans has endured and it is the perfect track to reveal sans' relationship with toriel. - Toptensvoter

I love it. - TheCrystalWolf

28 Amalgam

Am I the only one who doesn't find it creepy and actually enjoys the song? - TheCrystalWolf

29 Sans.
30 Burn in Despair!

Sounds awesome. Very underrated. - TheCrystalWolf

31 Ruins

It is as good as megalovania and should have the respect as well! You people who don't love it should!

32 Save the World
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1. Megalovania
2. Undertale
3. Spider Dance
1. Alphys Takes Action
2. Death by Glamour
3. Hopes and Dreams
1. Death by Glamour
2. Spider Dance
3. Your Best Nightmare


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