Top Ten Songs from Undertale

Undertale is an indie game that almost immediately exploded in popularity, no doubt in part to its stellar soundtrack. This list is focusing on the absolute best of the bunch.

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1 Hopes and Dreams

DETERMINATION - in musical form! Great final boss music, brings tears to my eyes, incredible mix of previous leitmotifs. Best soundtrack for a game - ever!

This song is The Song. Yup, the song that reminds you it's the end. The song that pUNCHES YOU IN THE GUT WITH EMOTIONS
But in all seriousness, this song is motivating, and throws you like 10 emotions. Hats off to the music director!

One of, if not THE best music in gaming. Wether you like gaming or not, it doesn't matter. A great piece for the finale and this was the music that got me in UNDERTALE. I recommend listening to the piano version.

I lisin to this this always

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2 Megalovania

Though I have yet to play Undertale (I plan to change that), I've gone out of my way to listen to the OST and this is the best one I've heard. With the newest update in a game called My Singing Monsters, it brought a place where you can make your own songs, and this song has been remade so many times, and most of them are very well-made. This is the best song in the entire game, even if you have to go on the Genocide Run and fight one of the best characters.

It was really close coming between the two of my favorites, Megalovania and Hopes and Dreams, but the fact just comes closer to hiw much energy is being put into Megalovania. Megalovania is a song that resembles just flat out energy put into a laid back song like this one, honestly. I was close to voting Hopes and Dreams, but just what is put into Megalovania is just... bad to the BONE! (Lol I am the new generation of Sans) It is one of those songs you would put on repeat and listen to, or at least in my preference. It puts the bad time in do you wanna have a bad time, I mean really, who wouldn't like it that way? Anywho, I voted Megalovania in general just for this basic fact- Megalovania is the song that puts an ending to an amazing game (for example, Undertale.) (I wont spoil for those who have yet to play Undertale, like me. I just Googled :P). Hopes and Dreams gives you that it's the end type of feel, and Megalovania, as stated before, puts bad time in do you wanna have a bad ...more

I have never even fought Sans, yet I feel as though this song matches the fight perfectly. It gives you that end of the line vibe, and it is just all out a good song. It makes you want to fight yet at the same time giving you the message to back off. I still like hopes and dreams and I respect it being in first, but Megalovania should at least stay in second place.

Best song in undertale

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3 Death by Glamour

This song played at just the right time is amazing I play it when I am in a bad mood and it cracks me up

I can listen to this song for ever and it will never get old...

I listen to this song all day and it's just amazing.


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4 Undertale

What's the best way to really punch a point across? I'll tell you. An acoustic guitar.

New Home is the final section of UNDERTALE, and it is also the shortest. There are no fights. Just story. During your journey throughout New Home, the monsters tell their side of their story, and express their happiness at finally going to be free. That's why Undertale (the song) is happy, not melancholic. It invokes empathy, which is the main point of a Pacifist run. To share and understand the emotions of others. The segment and the music flip everything completely on its head. The first REAL recording of an instrument, the fact that it's just Toriel's house again, the story. All of this combined with the music just piles up the impact more and more. Fabulous song, both uplifting and melancholic and determined.

This song is like the black sheep of undertake songs as it is overshadowed by songs like megalovania and death by glamour it take songs like his theme and just make them 10 times better by adding instruments like the piano witch adds the amazing sound to the song I personally think it should get more attention then it gets because in my opinion it is better then megalovania and hopes and dreams and is a joy to listen to

This song is just 6 minutes of beauty! Everything about it is flawless, and yet no one ever brings it up when talking about songs from the game. - PeterG99

Just beautiful!

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5 Spider Dance

This doesn't deserve to be this low in my opinion, it's one of my favourites and needs to be at least top 5 in my opinion.

Same goes for Death by Glamour - FullMetalTimelord

This theme is epic, even though I've never played Undertale...

This song is stuck in my head...

Spider Dance is awesome, Sans boss fight is my fave, but you can’t deny the awesomeness of spider dance. I’ve never personally played UnderTale, but I watched full pacifist, genocide, a bunch of aus, and listened to all of the soundtracks at least 3 times, so I know UnderTale is awesome and so are the soundtracks.

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6 Battle Against a True Hero

By far the best track, and one of the more underrated themes. It holds a frantic beauty to it, full of emotion and passion. You can literally FEEL the determination in this song to come out on top. The piano does amazing work keeping the notes of pain there while the rest of the song just communicates a fierce battle to the death, this needs higher up! -ChaotiCast

My favorite song in the game. It's hyperactive, but it keeps a special beauty. Plays in my head constantly.

This is OBVIOUSLY the best song because it really gets across Undyne's determination whilst still keeping that tone of pain in it. It shows that she wants to battle to keep everyone safe, and, like the song says, that it is a battle against a true hero.

This should be before Death before glamour

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7 Asgore Asgore Asgore Dreemurr is a boss monster and the king of the monsters in the 2015 RPG Undertale made by Toby Fox. Asgore is the portrayed main antagonist who plans to acquire seven human souls and use their power to break the barrier that seals the monsters underground . Aspects of his character are hinted more.

Asgore is undoubtedly the best character in undertale, as well as having the best theme song out of all the characters. You don't know whats going to happen next, along with the catchy tune.

Without playing the game I heard this song and thought of someone very sad being forced into an unwanted fight but was going to give it their all because the stakes were too high. Then I played this masterpiece and met Asgore, and now it's one of my closers for a workout playlist.

Most of the tracks will tell of a situation, place, or event. ASGORE tells of a character, sad and in pain. Only the main theme could compete with this track.

Actually amazing

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8 Bonetrousle

It has a great silly beat and is Papyrus's theme. How could you not love this song

It's like they captured Papyrus in a song somehow, how is this so low!

I love this song so much and I can't stop listening

<3 this song

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9 Waterfall

Along with the song, "Undertale" there's just something different. It's mysterious. Like the games hiding something. I love it.

Truth is, I do Genocide runs over and over and over again. Because there's no climax, they just die. Except for Sans, and the first time you kill Toriel, depending. And of course Undyne.

I can't bring myself to play Pacifist. I'm scared that I might of ruined it. Sans remembers it. Flowey remembers. What if it messes up? I've received lots of hate for this.

Waterfall is basically making me want to play it. The secrets.

Honestly, I'm getting bored of trying the game to get FUN numbers, and once I've uh... Seen the gray Gaster followers. And, even Gaster... But I feel there's more to learn in the Pacifist run.

Waterfall... The secrets are held there,

I absolutely loved this song- it was very beautiful and I ended up staying in waterfalls way longer than I would have in places such as the ruins - Antifi

This song is awesome! It has a calming effect, and it seems like something they would play in a spa.

I added this to my sleep playlist.

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10 It's Raining Somewhere Else

Ah, pain.

For real though. When you really learn who this punny guy is behind the jacket, this song becomes way worse (by that I mean emotional) to listen to. He tries to stay calm but he just... I have to stop ;-;

This song really moves me, whenever I listen to it, the world around me suddenly changes, and moves slowly

I love this song so much, it shows the calmer, more serious side of Sans.

I like this song this song made me depressif and I like depressif song like undertale and waterfall they are my favorites too but this song have to be higher up.

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11 His Theme

This song is just amazing, and really fits in with what's happening when it plays, in my opinion it should easily be in the top 10.

Best song by far. It gives me a nice warm feeling inside just by listening

There's just something really touching about this song.

The way this song builds through out the fight...and the ability to make the player feel sadness and joy at the same time is outstanding.

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12 Core

Reminds me of Death by Glamour

It SOUNDS like it's a boss fight.

This is awesome! - SansTheComic


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13 Your Best Nightmare/Finale

I did not like this much as a song but the ending is AMAZING! Also the song in the first place suits the fight better than any other songs and their fights because... your fighting a savage crazy photoshop. It works.

I really enjoyed the twisted variations of Your Best Friends in this one, along with its chaotic nature.

The ending is so radical, its got hints of like every MAJOR beat in the game, and really makes it feel like a boss

The epic,s of this song it fills you with determination

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14 Spear of Justice

My very fave UT song! MUCH better than this continuous rumble sound that an elevator makes! - Scales360

I love this song so much! And it's hidden in several other songs in the soundtrack.

This song will fill you with excitement.

Playing her fight rn. Can’t get past her. The song is great though

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15 Another Medium

It has great energy paired up with its wistful beauty. It says "don't give up" perfectly without actual words. Definitely one of the best songs in the game.

Perfectly captures the feeling of being alone, but not lonely. Very underrated.

This one is amazing. Should be top ten at least

very nice

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16 Save the World

I'm not 100% sure why this is my favorite song, but I just love it to death.
I originally discovered this from an Undertale medley when I heard the soft piano part, and I went on a search to find it. I think it took about 2 or so days to find the original song, but I was blown away by how amazing it was.

My favorite Song! So Epic! This moves me emotionally so much. I love the leitmotifs and the balance of quiet and peaceful & THRILLING AND EPIC

I'd lump this in with hopes and dreams, but if I have to choose, I prefer this one. Also learning it on guitar was fun.

Perhaps even more epic than Hopes/Dreams

17 Alphys Takes Action

Won't disagree, it's indeed very amazing. But I believe its fan-made?

It portrays Alphys' anger, justice, and nervousness all at once, Well done.

I have to agree. I just listened to it, it's beautiful. - SansTheComic

In a nutshell, it is the best

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18 Bergentrückung


19 Flowey
20 Toriel's Theme
21 Temmie Village

A lot of people think this song is stupid and bad but if you think about it the song is supposed to represent the personality of the tummies.

Bop doo bop doo bop doo - HaydenGuyPotato

Wait. WHY IS THIS NOT IN 8TH PLACE OR HIGHER?!?! The song TOTALY suits the character Temmie and is so CUTE to listen to, it's not the best but I think it should have been a BIT higher. #4DaTemmieNation

You are filled with dertimmienation

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22 Respite

I created an entire story with this song. It gets me every time. All the emotions that get me are just too much. This truly deserves to be in the number one spot. I cry listening to this song. One of the most beautiful songs.

23 Ghost Battle

This song is basically just a remix of spider dance, but it's such a successful one. I love it.

Why is this so far down the list?!

Number 27? This song is a masterpiece full of Jazz!

I love the jazzy/ragtime sound to this one. Also, you find it earlier in the game than the spider place, so I don’t know why it is considered a copy.

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24 Metal Crusher

How is this not in the top 10 or even the top 20?!?!? It is just too good to be ranked number 24!

This one is underrated. It's actually a good theme.

Reminds me of Russia, too

Best song by far

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25 Bring It In, Guys!

I love how this song both showcases all of the best themes from the Undertale soundtrack and also acts as a perfect ending to the game. This is easily the most underrated song from Undertale.

So underrated, it reuses music you've heard in the game

26 Amalgam

This song is by far the most underrated track from the game.

Why is this epic song ranked #25, why

27 Chara's Theme

This theme really fits with Chara

28 Heartache

This is the most emotional and catchy tune of any soundtrack ever... except maybe sans or song that might play when you fight sans

Possibly the most emotional song in undertale!

How is this not up higher? It's a really great song, I could listen to it for hours.

Reminds me of a locomotion train I guess

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29 Final Battle

Sad that such a track is so low. Best comeback music in Undertale.

This is a really good song.

It's basically a sped up flowey theme but it still sounds amazing.

This song has been mentioned before- in 11th place with Your Best Nightmare and as Final Battle. However, I wanted to give it its own individual spot.
This song is really moving, and shows the compassion in the human souls even when they are part of Flowey. I think this song deserves its own individual spot in the top ten, without Your Best Nightmare.

30 Omega Flowey Theme

The last phase (when all the souls helps you and you fight him! ) music is the best and epic!

It’s called your best nightmare

31 Megalo Strikes Back

In my opinion, This is better than Megalovania!

32 Reunited

Why is is not higher? And why are there so many fanmade songs here? - DarkShadows

This song makes me so sad and so happy at the same time. ❤️

In my opinion it’s the best song, I can’t believe your best nightmare is higher than this

33 Fallen Down

This track- really sounds like Toriel caring for you. It’s relaxing. If I listened to this at night, I would be asleep in a jiffy.

34 Dummy

I can imagine this in the 30's with the Charleston

Its in my top ten... This OST is crazy. - Keubab

Why is this soundtrack so underrated? :(

35 Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans

I'm guessing that this isn't as high because you have a slim chance of actually hearing this in-game. - Antifi

It should be way higher, but I guess part of people just don't know about

It's hard not to laugh hearing this.

Just so catchy lol

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36 Spooktune


37 Battle Against a True Hero - Undertale

This music captures the essence of Undyne. At this moment, the character has truly transformed into a villain, and Undyne is truly the hero stepping up to save the day through her DETERMINATION. And to be honest, in most timelines, she has beaten me and has prevailed as a hero.

WHAT? - Antifi

38 Finale

This is one of the greatest songs in Undertale. It is mentioned before as Your Best Nightmare/Finale, but I thought it deserved its own singular place on this list.

In my opinion, the best Undertale song there is, and highly underrated.

Underrated song


39 Long Elevator

This is amazing. I cannot think of all the effort Toby put into this. This song almost brought a tear to my eye. Clearly a work of art. - SansTheComic

I'm curious. How is this not last? It's a elevator noise.

For me Long Elevator doesn't even deserve to be in the soundtrack because it could have been just a sound or music file in the game. Small Shock (despite only having two notes) and Dogbass (a 7 second loop what) is still acceptable though. - SoaPuffball

One of the best songs in Undertale deserves 1st place toby truly put his heart into this song and it's beautiful it made me cry because it's so good. It's so good it's like the second coming of Jesus Christ oh my god it gave me the feels. A true masterpiece.
😧 - CatsOMG

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40 Dogsong

There's a dogsong version of every track in Undertale. Therefore dogsong is superior to all


41 Uwa!! So Temperate
42 Here We Are

This song is incredibly underrated. It has a fittingly unnerving tone, but also manages to be very catchy. And that ambience is amazing. In fact, it's actually a remix of Alphys, which is very fitting, as this part of the game reveals her dark side.

So secretive song.. But not my favorite

This song sends shivers down meh spine

43 Ruins


44 Home

Um. I don't know what this one is

This song is so relaxing

45 So Cold
46 Quiet Water

It's so peaceful. It helps me fall asleep

Really good! but too short :(

47 Sigh of Dog

It may be unused, but it's amazing listen to it - Peculiar

*a little, white dog in front of you seems to be asleep...

Toby, I love it.

48 Power of Neo

Mettaton NEO is the best character in the whole game this song deserves at least TOP five guys!

I agree

49 Bird that Carries You Over a Disproportionately Small Gap

This song absolutely fills me with... DETERMINATION - Antifi

Amazing song! Makes me smile every time!

Best music in the game. Megalovania is nothing to this work of art

Best title

50 Determination

It bring me determination.Like when Chara fight with Sans.The best setence is But the truth is Sans.I make you QUIT

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