Top Ten Songs from Undertale

Undertale is an indie game that almost immediately exploded in popularity, no doubt in part to its stellar soundtrack. This list is focusing on the absolute best of the bunch.

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1 Hopes and Dreams

My favorite theme from a video game ever

I don't remember any final fight for such a high stake was so joyful.

I don't know why, I cry almost when I hear this song it's so beautiful

I LOVE Megalovania but really hopes and dreams is played at the perfect time.My number 1 song played at my number 1 moment.You can’t beat that.

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2 Megalovania

Though I have yet to play Undertale (I plan to change that), I've gone out of my way to listen to the OST and this is the best one I've heard. With the newest update in a game called My Singing Monsters, it brought a place where you can make your own songs, and this song has been remade so many times, and most of them are very well-made. This is the best song in the entire game, even if you have to go on the Genocide Run and fight one of the best characters.

Actually not really from Undertale since it was first used in Earthbound Halloween Hack and later on in Homestuck (Act 5 I think) and then in Undertale

I really LOVE sans as a character and even if this song was not first made for Undertale I think this epic song should be first place!


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3 Death by Glamour

I can listen to this song for ever and it will never get old...

This is my absolute favorite... it is just so catchy, with a nice beat and rhythm. It also suits Mettaton perfectly. GO TOBY FOX!

It is my favorite soundtrack (with Megalovania in in second place).

I hate undertale, but they re music is absolutely amazing. this song should be on number one.

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4 Undertale

This song is just 6 minutes of beauty! Everything about it is flawless, and yet no one ever brings it up when talking about songs from the game. - PeterG99

Of course! I listen to this song to remember... The past, when I was happy... Now I have social anxiety and bipolar. Not to sound emo, or anything - SansTheComic

This is my absolute favorite song of all time. It's really nice and calm, and easily suits the Undertale theme.

DeTEARmination. This should be number one.

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5 Battle Against a True Hero

To be perfectly honest, I already love this piece, but if you speed it up X1.3, then it's on point - SpyroZap99

This song is simply amazing. Should be second right after Undertale (song, no game).

Very well constructed song. I'm trying to see if I can play it on piano, at the moment

It sounds like something from KH, and that game has amazing music

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6 Asgore Asgore Asgore Dreemurr is a boss monster and the king of the monsters in the 2015 RPG Undertale made by Toby Fox. Asgore is the portrayed main antagonist who plans to acquire seven human souls and use their power to break the barrier that seals the monsters underground . Aspects of his character are hinted more.

Asgore is undoubtedly the best character in undertale, as well as having the best theme song out of all the characters. You don't know whats going to happen next, along with the catchy tune.

This song has a epic, emotional feel of a final duel (Even though it's not) It stays interesting and pulls itself together.

My favorite song in undertale. Those damn feels.

It's such a mournful song. Complete with the leitmotifs from Toriel's song and a saturated feeling of regret, it makes for a moving, powerful, and woesome finale.

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7 Spider Dance

This doesn't deserve to be this low in my opinion, it's one of my favourites and needs to be at least top 5 in my opinion.

Same goes for Death by Glamour - FullMetalTimelord

This theme is epic, even though I've never played Undertale...

So fast paced and fantastic. Really does match the Muffet battle, though it is a shame this is only number six as of 12/31/16. LOVE THIS SONG

My second fave song! - Scales360

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8 Bonetrousle

The goofiest song in the game.

Spaghetti+puzzles=cool dude

Nyeh heh heh


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9 Waterfall

This song is awesome! It has a calming effect, and it seems like something they would play in a spa.

Ahh this is one of the best peices of the undertale soundtrack (my opinion) through out the song there is a build up to a fantastic climax. A Very relaxing and calming song.

I added this to my sleep playlist.

10 His Theme

Yes! My favorite, next to Undertale and Memory - SansTheComic

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? Bird that Carries You Over a Disproportionately Small Gap Bird that Carries You Over a Disproportionately Small Gap

Amazing song! Makes me smile every time!

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? Memory

The Contenders

11 Your Best Nightmare/Finale

I did not like this much as a song but the ending is AMAZING! Also the song in the first place suits the fight better than any other songs and their fights because... your fighting a savage crazy photoshop. It works.

Your best nightmare is the lower part of this track, but Finale is absolutely spectacular - SpyroZap99

In some bits it sounds a bit distorted and scary, but I just can't help liking it - Scales360

This should at least be at the top 10!

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12 Save the World

Perhaps even more epic than Hopes/Dreams

13 Spear of Justice

My very fave UT song! MUCH better than this continuous rumble sound that an elevator makes! - Scales360

I love this song so much! And it's hidden in several other songs in the soundtrack.

This song will fill you with excitement.

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15 It's Raining Somewhere Else

I love this song so much, it shows the calmer, more serious side of Sans.

This song is beautiful why isn't it higher up?!

Best song on the soundtrack. It's better than meglovania and I regard it as sans' true theme instead of "ugh" sans. It should at least be top five

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16 Alphys Takes Action

I have to agree. I just listened to it, it's beautiful. - SansTheComic

Possibly THE most underrated fanmade video-game boss theme of all time. Easily three times better than Megalovania to be honest - xandermartin98

17 Temmie Village

A lot of people think this song is stupid and bad but if you think about it the song is supposed to represent the personality of the tummies.

Wait. WHY IS THIS NOT IN 8TH PLACE OR HIGHER?!?! The song TOTALY suits the character Temmie and is so CUTE to listen to, it's not the best but I think it should have been a BIT higher. #4DaTemmieNation

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18 Bergentrückung Bergentrückung
19 Ghost Battle

This song is basically just a remix of spider dance, but it's such a successful one. I love it.

Number 27? This song is a masterpiece full of Jazz!

Woah woah woah WOAH! Why is this amazing song so low?! I love this jazzy tune! It also is the "dapper blookys" song so who can not like it?

Why is this so far down the list?!

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