Top Ten Songs from the Undertale Soundtrack

Undertale is an indie game that almost immediately exploded in popularity, no doubt in part to its stellar soundtrack. This list is focusing on the absolute best of the bunch.
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1 Megalovania Megalovania Cover Art

Even though it might get slightly annoying after your sibling makes you listen to it so much, I can really understand why this is number one on this list. Yes, you might have to kill hundreds of monsters just to hear this one song, but it’s very catchy.

Fighting Sans and hearing Megalovania 100 times got boring. I never thought this song would get boring, but whenever I hear it, I get frustrated. I've heard this song a thousand times from trying to beat him. But then I realize who Sans REALLY is. He's not just some laid back skeleton who tells puns and does nothing with his life. He's a caring brother, he can acknowledge timelines, he knows what the player is doing. Undertale NEVER forgets. No matter how many times you reset, you are putting the remembers, Sans, Flowey, and Gaster through hell. "don't tell the other sans-es ok? " "look, I gave up trying to go back a long time ago." Not back to the surface, but back to his timeline! Like that bunny person at the shop in Snowdin: "They just showed up one day and asserted themselves." Sans wants to go back to his timeline, when Gaster didn't fall into the Core and end up in the void.

"papyrus... do you want anything..? "

I 100% LOVE this song. I heard it one day and I liked it. I searched up where it came from and watched Jacksepticeye play undertale. It was amazing

It was really close coming between the two of my favorites, Megalovania and Hopes and Dreams, but the fact just comes closer to hiw much energy is being put into Megalovania. Megalovania is a song that resembles just flat out energy put into a laid back song like this one, honestly. I was close to voting Hopes and Dreams, but just what is put into Megalovania is just... bad to the BONE! (Lol I am the new generation of Sans) It is one of those songs you would put on repeat and listen to, or at least in my preference. It puts the bad time in do you wanna have a bad time, I mean really, who wouldn't like it that way? Anywho, I voted Megalovania in general just for this basic fact- Megalovania is the song that puts an ending to an amazing game (for example, Undertale.) (I wont spoil for those who have yet to play Undertale, like me. I just Googled :P). Hopes and Dreams gives you that it's the end type of feel, and Megalovania, as stated before, puts bad time in do you wanna have a bad ...more

2 Hopes and Dreams Hopes and Dreams Cover Art

A unique, and incredible song that strongly and accurately represents a battle that is impossible, but there's no way you're gonna lose.

I've got 3 good reasons why this is the best for one it fits so well that you actually feel good about yourself and what you have accomplished. Another thing it is called hopes and dreams such a fitting name for a final battle. And it sounds better every time I hear it.

All of the music in Asriel’s battle is incredible. I love Asriel, but I have to say that Hopes and Dreams is the best in my opinion. You feel that strong jolt of emotion and it reminds you that THIS is the TRUE final battle. It makes you want to jam out and tear up at the same time, and combined with the bittersweet and emotional storyline of the True Pacifist Route, it all fits in perfectly!

This one just barely beats out Megalovania due to how well it went mixed with the stunning visuals of it's boss fight, every time I listen to it I remember it!

3 Death by Glamour Death by Glamour Cover Art

Epic song. I just vibe to the beat of this. Mettaton is my third favorite character in the game.You could already tell which is my first and second favorites.

If someone ever asked me if I absolutely loved this song, I would just scream “OHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSS!” In everybody’s faces, and drop the mic. Because of this theme, I completely understood why Mettaton was dancing so fast as soon as I got into the battle while playing Undertale. Mettaton loves this song, and so do I!

While Hopes and Dreams and Megolovania are very climactic, this song is the best song in the game! (2nd best: Your Best Nightmare)

This is my absolute favorite... it is just so catchy, with a nice beat and rhythm. It also suits Mettaton perfectly. GO TOBY FOX!

4 Undertale Undertale Cover Art

Why is this not number one? Megalovania is completely overrated and should be in second place.

This song is one of the only media that I have cried at. This game is about 5-6 hours long and this song shows that journey. This is one of the few songs that use actual instruments, making it a bonus.

It is very heart-warming, and then you realized you did a genocide before this..

Oh my god! This song is one of the most heart-warming, most beautiful songs I have heard in a video game. This is the first and probably only video game that can make me cry. Why is this not number 1? The title is in the song!

What's the best way to really punch a point across? I'll tell you. An acoustic guitar.

New Home is the final section of UNDERTALE, and it is also the shortest. There are no fights. Just story. During your journey throughout New Home, the monsters tell their side of their story, and express their happiness at finally going to be free. That's why Undertale (the song) is happy, not melancholic. It invokes empathy, which is the main point of a Pacifist run. To share and understand the emotions of others. The segment and the music flip everything completely on its head. The first REAL recording of an instrument, the fact that it's just Toriel's house again, the story. All of this combined with the music just piles up the impact more and more. Fabulous song, both uplifting and melancholic and determined.

The moment this song plays fills me with such emotion that cannot be ignored. This had to be in my top 10, and even top 5. I know that I called Hopes and Dreams a masterpiece, but this one is even more so.

5 Spider Dance Spider Dance Cover Art

Spider dance is another very catchy song. Not only spider dance is catchy and matches both Muffet’s personality and the fight, but it also makes the fight way better.

It's the only song that makes me scream 'yes' when it comes on. Megalovania and Asgore are two other good ones but Muffet was one of my favorite characters.

Little Miss MUFFET sat on her tuffet, eating her curds and whey.
Along came a SPIDER who sat down beside her, and chased Miss MUFFET away.

Spider Dance is awesome, Sans boss fight is my fave, but you can't deny the awesomeness of spider dance. I’ve never personally played UnderTale, but I watched full pacifist, genocide, a bunch of aus, and listened to all of the soundtracks at least 3 times, so I know UnderTale is awesome and so are the soundtracks.

6 Asgore Asgore Cover Art

I personally love this song because it just fills you up with determination as you fight Asgore, who is actually a really hard boss. (I learned that by dying 5 or 6 times while fighting him, when I usually would die 2 or 3 times while fighting other bosses.) Also, the attacks are very hard. It's not just that it actually fills you with determination, but it also is a very catchy theme. But for those folks who are playing Undertale and are stuck on the Asgore battle, I'll tell you some secrets:

First, Use the heart locket and the worn dagger. You'll find these 2 items in the copy of Toriel's house in new home in the first room to the right of the entrance. (Lots of info, I know.) These have the best defense and attack. Next, stock up on food. You'll need it a lot when you're fighting him. Once you are prepared to fight him, go out and do so. Start by talking to him until he loses 10 defense, 10 attack. This will help a lot in both fighting Asgore and counting how many times ...more

Personally, I think that Megalovania is indeed the most famous, but nothing stops ASGORE from dominating the field in sense of the best song. The dynamics, the structure, the notes... all of it is heartbreaking and is possibly the best song in the game. Toby Fox even put in a relation to heartache, Toriel's theme... wow. Just... this is probably the most underrated song in the game, ranking 5 when it should be numero uno.

This song is underrated. Many people don't listen to the small leitmotifs that Toby puts in the song, telling the story of Asgore. Did anyone notice how Heartache was in ASGORE, but not the other way round? This shows how Toriel is still a part of Asgore's life, but Toriel has completely moved on from Asgore. This is such an amazing piece of music and should be at least in the top 5.

This song sounds like remorse, pain, and power; exactly as it should. It’s perfect, and I wouldn’t change it in any way. There’s a certain moment in this song that sends shivers down my spine.

7 Battle Against a True Hero Battle Against a True Hero Cover Art

I like how they give Undyne the Undying a different theme than her original. I don't blame you if you have to kill 20 monsters just to hear this masterpiece.

No words can describe how much I LOVE this song! (You get it? LOVE?) But seriously, I really do love this song! This is my personal favorite song on the soundtrack! I don’t even care if I have to create an underground massacre (Or maybe even the 2nd war of humans and monsters, but this time, it’s right there in the underground) to hear this theme! I just love listening to it so much! (FYI How can a notebook cut through Undyne’s armor, just to mention it’s MADE OF PURE METAL! Just asking.)

My FAVOURITE song, I can't believe that more people didn't vote for it. I can almost feel the determination. Anyways, Undyne always gets the good songs.

People don't give BAATH the credit it deserves. Megalovania and Hopes and Dreams are always on top, with the others being %10 or lower. BAATH is a masterpiece that deserves better. It also has one of the hardest boss fights in the game, and at the same time one of the best. Hate me all you want, it's better than Megalovania and Hopes and Dreams combinded. Mainly because they would sound terrible when put together, but you get the point. So uh, yeah. I like BAATH better than almost every one of the tracks. Only his theme and bring it in, guys! have a chance of rivaling this epic theme. However, in order to hear this epic theme, you'll have to do a genocide run. Too bad we have to be a mass murderer just to hear this song.

8 Bonetrousle Bonetrousle Cover Art

My ultimate favorite songs are Spider Dance and Megalovania, but HECK this song always puts a huge smile on my face and want to dans like a idiot. This should be highter.

The best because papyrus is the best. You can be cool but not as cool as papyrus! Or fresh sans

I love this song! One of the best on the OST in my opinion, and it has been remixed so many times...

This isn't my favorite, but I'm surprised this isn't on the list. It's such a great song.

9 His Theme His Theme Cover Art

Personally, this is my favorite. It's so hopeful, yet kind of sad at the same time. After a long fight, after saving your friends from their own fears, you finally get to save Asriel. This moment is so heartfelt, and songs in the Undertale soundtrack lead up to this by containing this leitmotif. And it leads up to the moment where (spoilers) in the True Pacifist route you go back and talk to Asriel, and he reveals things about Chara and how he wants to be remembered and it's sad.

This song really makes you want to push through any obstacle in your way I just love songs that don't have lyrics and fill you with DETERMINATION

I love this song so much, in my opinion it deserves to be first. shame its overshadowed by insanely popular songs like Megalovania. Hopefully someday it might be considered the best song in Undertale.

This song is just amazing, and really fits in with what's happening when it plays, in my opinion it should easily be in the top 10.

10 Core Core Cover Art

Core is so intense, but the reason I like it is that it is not a boss fight, but the song shows the intensity and how many monsters you need to fight.

It's just getting better every time I hear it.

So much energy, I listen to this WAY too much.

Reminds me of Death by Glamour

The Contenders
11 Waterfall Waterfall Cover Art

Along with the song, "Undertale" there's just something different. It's mysterious. Like the games hiding something. I love it.

Truth is, I do Genocide runs over and over and over again. Because there's no climax, they just die. Except for Sans, and the first time you kill Toriel, depending. And of course Undyne.

I can't bring myself to play Pacifist. I'm scared that I might of ruined it. Sans remembers it. Flowey remembers. What if it messes up? I've received lots of hate for this.

Waterfall is basically making me want to play it. The secrets.

Honestly, I'm getting bored of trying the game to get FUN numbers, and once I've uh... Seen the gray Gaster followers. And, even Gaster... But I feel there's more to learn in the Pacifist run.

Waterfall... The secrets are held there,

Ahh this is one of the best peices of the undertale soundtrack (my opinion) through out the song there is a build up to a fantastic climax. A Very relaxing and calming song.

This song is way too underrated. It's beautiful and mysterious, and really fits the area it plays in.

This song is awesome! It has a calming effect, and it seems like something they would play in a spa.

12 Your Best Nightmare Your Best Nightmare Cover Art

Your best nightmare is...enh..nah...BUT FINALE. The moment you play it, its ok, but then the build up comes, with memory in the background (an homage to the flowey=asriel element) and then...the beat drop. 6 notes play, and the 6th is repeated three more times. it's very quiet and the only thing playing at that moment, and then It goes insane. ly good.

Your best Nightmare has a very eerie vibe, which goes well with the shock of Omega flowey. However, I think Finale is the most underrated song, and I personally love it. Not as good as some, but still great

I did not like this much as a song but the ending is AMAZING! Also the song in the first place suits the fight better than any other songs and their fights because... your fighting a savage crazy photoshop. It works.

This is the most underrated boss theme ever. Because it is overshadowed by megalovania. Don't get me wrong megalovania is great too I decided to vote for this to help it get some recognition

13 Spear of Justice Spear of Justice Cover Art

To be honest, my favorite thing about Undertale is the absolutely perfect music, and “Spear of Justice” Is one of those pieces of perfect music. You have to admit. It’s a very catchy song and after playing Undertale, I started to wonder how Toby Fox made these amazing pieces of music. (Also, if you listen closely to “Ruins”, you can actually hear part of “Spear of Justice” but in slow motion in one part.”

My very fave UT song! MUCH better than this continuous rumble sound that an elevator makes!

I love this song so much! And it's hidden in several other songs in the soundtrack.

It perfectly captures your emotions when fighting her. Scared out of your mind.

14 Another Medium Another Medium Cover Art

Those first six seconds when it goes from piano to synth are honestly enough on it's own, to make this my favorite, and the whole song gives such an energetic, yet chill feeling. Absolutely beautiful and super underrated.

AaaAHHH I love this song so much. Whenever I’m doing the genocide run, I push myself to get past undyne the undying because I love hearing this ost slowed down

It has great energy paired up with its wistful beauty. It says "don't give up" perfectly without actual words. Definitely one of the best songs in the game.

This is one of my favorite songs in the game this song deserves to be higher on this list

15 It's Raining Somewhere Else It's Raining Somewhere Else Cover Art

Oh god, this one just fills me with emotions. It’s sadness, hopeless, yet beautiful in that way. It embraces that aspect. The rain only goes to accentuate that.

The emotion and at the same time the mystery behind this soundtrack really makes me root for it. One, there's Sans his secret workshop in which this soundtrack plays, and thus the entire soundtrack could even hint towards something really deep within the game! To me one of the most meaningful, deep, mysterious and chilling songs in the game.

Listen. This is one of the best songs in the game (except the intro). Believe me - it brings put all the raw pain and suffering sans has endured and it is the perfect track to reveal sans' relationship with toriel.

Ah, pain.

For real though. When you really learn who this punny guy is behind the jacket, this song becomes way worse (by that I mean emotional) to listen to. He tries to stay calm but he just... I have to stop ;-;

16 Save the World Save the World Cover Art

I'm not 100% sure why this is my favorite song, but I just love it to death.
I originally discovered this from an Undertale medley when I heard the soft piano part, and I went on a search to find it. I think it took about 2 or so days to find the original song, but I was blown away by how amazing it was.

I'd lump this in with hopes and dreams, but if I have to choose, I prefer this one. Also learning it on guitar was fun.

Amazing. So exciting. Better than hopes and dreams.

Prettier than Hopes and Dreams in my opinion.

17 Metal Crusher Metal Crusher Cover Art

How is this not in the top 10 or even the top 20?!?!? It is just too good to be ranked number 24!

This one is underrated. It's actually a good theme.

Another favorite of mine. Also underrated.

Reminds me of Russia, too

18 Heartache Heartache Cover Art

Honestly, I love this song not because its very cool but because of the emotion that is in the battle and I makes me feel so sad, and it should be a lot higher than this.

OK TOBY FOX HAS MADE NOTHING BUT CATCHY MUSIC ON THIS GAME HOW DOES HE DO IT!? Oh right! My review on this song! Not much to say tough... It’s a very catchy song and it suits the theme of this fight perfectly!

This is the most emotional and catchy tune of any soundtrack ever... except maybe sans or song that might play when you fight sans

How is this not up higher? It's a really great song, I could listen to it for hours.

19 Finale Finale Cover Art

I believe this is the single most underrated song on this OST. #24, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Maybe it's not as emotional as Hopes and Dreams, or as evil as Megalovania, but it sure is more epic than those combined. Must be higher! My favourite easily.

The first time I played Undertale, fighting Omega Flowey was one of the hardest boss battles I ever did. But as I neared the end, about to give up, I heard this theme, and it was like someone telling me to not give up! Thanks to this theme (And my sister encouraging me), I stayed determined and continued on to spare Flowey in the end, making my way to fight the absolute god of hyper death. (If you don’t know the reference “God of hyper death”, It’s asriel Dreemurr.)

THIS IS AWESOME! That moment when you’re fighting omega Flowey, he’s always been wanting to kill you and insulting you, and now you get the chance to get revenge! This is the perfect song for any revenge song.-Luke_dapip

This is song is cool. Below Hopes and Dreams, but this is the finale of the neutral run, and it’s such a satisfying piece. Simply lovely, gets me excited and hopeful.

20 Bergentrückung Bergentrückung Cover Art

Right before you fight asgore you find yourself at the last fight and the song fills you with DETERMINATION (unless your about to fight omega flowey next)

Asgore the king of monsters stands before you

My personal favourite, not sure why

The opening to my favorite song.

21 Temmie Village Temmie Village Cover Art

A lot of people think this song is stupid and bad but if you think about it the song is supposed to represent the personality of the tummies.

Oh come on. Though it can be considered stupid and annoying by some people, it's a big favorite for me!

All you need to know is that whenever I encounter a Temmie I always scream TeMmIe!

Bop doo bop doo bop doo

22 Battle of a True Hero
23 Dummy! Dummy! Cover Art

Best song in the game by far. Wacky, spunky, fits the character perfectly. Even repeats some notes 3 times, like Mad Dummy repeats words. I could listen to it all day.

It's slightly faster than ghost fight and a tiny bit slower than spider dance still making it good

Better than Ghost Fight and Spider Dance. It gets me dancing every time.

A slightly slower version of Spider Dance, still awesome though

24 Sans. Sans. Cover Art

In my opinion, Sans. should be higher on this list. It perfectly fits the character of someone HUMERUS like Sans.

Great! Why is it so far down?!?!?!

Sans the comedian.

So good

25 Ruins Ruins Cover Art

It is as good as megalovania and should have the respect as well! You people who don't love it should!

What can I say? This is one of the first pieces you’ll hear in the game, and it sure gives a good impression. It’s so catchy, and just... superb.

So mysterious. I like it.


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