Top Ten Songs from Undertale

Undertale is an indie game that almost immediately exploded in popularity, no doubt in part to its stellar soundtrack. This list is focusing on the absolute best of the bunch.

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21 Ghost Battle

This song is basically just a remix of spider dance, but it's such a successful one. I love it.

Why is this so far down the list?!

Number 27? This song is a masterpiece full of Jazz!

Something that competes with Megalovania and Spider Dance should be at least at No. 5.

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22 Bring It In, Guys!

I love how this song both showcases all of the best themes from the Undertale soundtrack and also acts as a perfect ending to the game. This is easily the most underrated song from Undertale.

So underrated, it reuses music you've heard in the game

23 Metal Crusher

This one is underrated. It's actually a good theme.

Reminds me of Russia, too

How is this not in the top 10

Such a 'Mettaton' theme! Perfect, easily the best!

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24 Final Battle

Sad that such a track is so low. Best comeback music in Undertale.

It's basically a sped up flowey theme but it still sounds amazing.

This song has been mentioned before- in 11th place with Your Best Nightmare and as Final Battle. However, I wanted to give it its own individual spot.
This song is really moving, and shows the compassion in the human souls even when they are part of Flowey. I think this song deserves its own individual spot in the top ten, without Your Best Nightmare.

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25 Amalgam
26 Heartache

This is the most emotional and catchy tune of any soundtrack ever... except maybe sans or song that might play when you fight sans

Possibly the most emotional song in undertale!

How is this not up higher? It's a really great song, I could listen to it for hours.

Vote this song, my child. You have to understand, it's for your protection.

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27 Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans

I'm guessing that this isn't as high because you have a slim chance of actually hearing this in-game. - Antifi

It should be way higher, but I guess part of people just don't know about

It's hard not to laugh hearing this.

Just so catchy lol

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28 Fallen Down
29 Dummy

I can imagine this in the 30's with the Charleston

Its in my top ten... This OST is crazy. - Keubab

Why is this soundtrack so underrated? :(

30 Reunited

Why is is not higher? And why are there so many fanmade songs here? - DarkShadows

31 Spooktune


32 Long Elevator

This is amazing. I cannot think of all the effort Toby put into this. This song almost brought a tear to my eye. Clearly a work of art. - SansTheComic

I'm curious. How is this not last? It's a elevator noise.

For me Long Elevator doesn't even deserve to be in the soundtrack because it could have been just a sound or music file in the game. Small Shock (despite only having two notes) and Dogbass (a 7 second loop what) is still acceptable though. - SoaPuffball

One of the best songs in Undertale deserves 1st place toby truly put his heart into this song and it's beautiful it made me cry because it's so good. It's so good it's like the second coming of Jesus Christ oh my god it gave me the feels. A true masterpiece.
😧 - CatsOMG

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33 Uwa!! So Temperate
34 Here We Are

This song is incredibly underrated. It has a fittingly unnerving tone, but also manages to be very catchy. And that ambience is amazing. In fact, it's actually a remix of Alphys, which is very fitting, as this part of the game reveals her dark side.

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35 Dogsong


36 Ruins


37 Home

Um. I don't know what this one is

This song is so relaxing

38 Sigh of Dog

It may be unused, but it's amazing listen to it - Peculiar

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39 So Cold
40 Megalo Strikes Back

Not from Undertale - izayaorihara

In my opinion, This is better than Megalovania!

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