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41 Quiet Water

It's so peaceful. It helps me fall asleep

42 Power of Neo

Mettaton NEO is the best character in the whole game this song deserves at least TOP five guys!

43 Finale

This is one of the greatest songs in Undertale. It is mentioned before as Your Best Nightmare/Finale, but I thought it deserved its own singular place on this list.

44 Bird that Carries You Over a Disproportionately Small Gap

This song absolutely fills me with... DETERMINATION - Antifi

Amazing song! Makes me smile every time!

Best music in the game. Megalovania is nothing to this work of art

Best title

45 Enemy Approaching

So good for a fight and sets a mood that is not Dreamtale, but is not Underfell, you know what I mean?

46 Sans.

Great! Why is it so far down?!?!?!

relaxing - Swiftflame

47 Meat Factory

I can see why this one didn't make it to the final game - Handmaster

This is possibly the most uplifting and inspirational work of musical art on the entire soundtrack! Why is this lower than Megalovania?! 999/10

48 Bonescuffle
49 Memory

Super simplistic, but is amazing. Pretty nostalgic, if you ask me. Guess they don't call it memory for nothing. - SansTheComic

50 Tem Shop
51 Fade Away
52 The Hero that Never Existed
53 Battle Against a True Hero - Undertale

WHAT? - Antifi

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