Rocking With Regret: Van Halen III By Van Halen

Oh Boy this album let first start off by saying i like Van Halen a lot they are one of the best Hard Rock bands of all time and Eddie Van Halen is one of the best guitarists of all time but this album is awful, This album was the lowest point in Van Halen's career but let's go through the facts about this album first.

Van Halen III is the eleventh studio album by American rock band Van Halen, released on March 17, 1998 by Warner Bros. Records. This album received negative reviews and is often credited as Van Halen's worst album and for good reason. This album was so bad that Van Halen didn't make another album until 2012 when A Different Kind of Truth came out that's over a decade long. but theirs no delaying the inevitable let's get this review over with...


This is a Acoustic instrumental with some piano in it it's alright but nothing special much better than what it leads up to.
Rating; 7/10

Without You

Oh my this was bad this song started out alright but then it kept dragging on and it felt way longer than it should have been and get this, This is one of the better songs on this album and it's not very good
Rating; 6/10

One I Want

If you thought Without You was bad well, You've Got Another Thing Comin' and you won't like this song at all it's weird and again it feels like it drags on for way too long and overall is not worth listening to at all.
Rating: 5/10

From Afar

Just like the last track this song sounds very weird and doesn't sound good at all and again drags on for way too long.
Rating: 5/10

Dirty Water Dog

This might just be Van Halen's worst song they ever made it sounds almost nothing like a Van Halen song and the instrumental is awful and this is Eddie Van Halen we are talking about the same person who made Eruption one of the best Instrumentals of all time and this song is awful and not worth any listen at all.
Rating: 4/10


This song is at least chill but that doesn't mean it's good it's still bad and it goes on for Almost 8 minutes and is definitley longer than it should be but their ain't much to say so let's move on and i find it sad that a acoustic instrumental that is only meant to lead to the next song is the best song on this album so far.

Rating: 5/10

Fire in the Hole

Holy crap, a good song i thought we wouldn't get one but this song is good yeah it actually sounds like something Van Halen would do the Instrumental is very good and sounds like well Van Halen and Gary Cherone here sounds like Sammy Hagar so this song would sound nicely on a Sammy Hagar album so yes this song get's a great score in my Book. This is one example of proof that even some of the worst rock and metal albums can have good songs on them
Rating: 10/10


Well after hearing probally the only good song on the album it's now time for a song that's alright it's probally the 2nd best on the album although it's not saying much.

Year to the Day

So after 1 good song and one alright song we go back to awfulness that most of the songs from this album contains and this song while not the worst offender is not that great to be fair it could be worse.
Rating: 6/10


This is a guitar solo track and to be honest it's alright nothing special but alot better than most of the songs on this album but this track exists to build up the next song
Rating: 7/10

Ballot or the Bullet

Well this song isn't that awful at least the Instrumental is alright but i guess it's better than Josephina so this is the 2nd best song on the album, But let's move on to the last song so then i won't have to listen to this album ever again

Rating: 7/10

How Many Say I

This song is a Piano instrumental and it's sung by Eddie Van Halen but it's not the best of this album it's alright i suppose it is interesting to hear Eddie Van Halen sing lead vocals but i wish it was for a hard rock song not Piano ballad but oh well at least this album is finally over.

Rating: 7/10

Now that i've listened to the whole album let's add up all the scores and since this album has 12 tracks we will minus 20 from the score

10 + 7(x5) + 6(x2)+5(x3)+4 =71 - 20 = 56

Album Rating 56/100

This album is worth the title of Van Halen's worst because only one of the songs is worth listening to and besides that one song the rest are nothing special and this album ruined the greatness of Van Halen because every album before this was good but this ruined Van Halen's legacy of great albums and they didn't release another one until 2012 but this is the end of the review and thanks for reading this post


Ilike Van Halen, this album being no exception. - ProPanda