Best Songs on Vanilla Ninja's Love is War


The Top Ten

1 Spirit of the Dawn
2 Black Symphony
3 Kingdom Burning Down V 1 Comment
4 Dangerzone
5 Shadows on the Moon
6 Battlefield
7 The Band that Never Existed
8 Insane in Vain
9 Pray
10 Silence

The Contenders

11 Bad Girls
12 Rockstarz

This is by far the worst song Vanilla Ninja ever recorded. It pains me that this was actually on this great album, and even released as a single. On "Love is War", their last album, we have 10 really great tracks, and one that is trying a bit too hard to be feminist ("Bad Girls"). And then there's "Rockstarz". It sounds like a group of 8 year olds tried to record a song where they wanted to sound like rockstars. You know from the first two lines ("You see our names in neon lights / Check out the radio show tonight") this is going to be bad. And it gets more bizarre from then on, from the weird "Woo Hoo! " shouting in the chorus (which by the way rhymes "rockstars" with "guitars") to the kitschy bridge ("is this all just a dream / a girl that's star on the T.V. screen"), it all sounds like a joke, or something a Lazy Town character would sing. The instrumental doesn't even sound like Vanilla Ninja, who ...more - Martin_Canine

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