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1 Give It Up

Um, I know I'm going to get CRUSHED when I share this...but this song is way more memorable than Freak the Freak Out as fun as it was. Give it up was much more catchy had better vocalists (Victoria was good too, just couldn't compete with Broadway kids).

This song is EXTREMELY catchy. After listening to it once, I had it stuck in my head for weeks. Jade (Liz) and Cat (Ariana) are such amazing singers! The lyrics, the music, the vocals... It's all so perfect!

2 Freak the Freak Out

The song Is sooo amazing

3 Make It Shine

I like this song, but I feel like the whole point of it is just to say how great it is to be famous. It's also not very realistic. I mean, "Cause you know that if you live in your imagination/Tomorrow you'll be everybody's fascination". That's not how it works, kids. You have to get a talent agent and then you start getting auditions for movies and stuff. Most kids do exactly what they say in that song, just imagining that they're famous and expecting for some director to just walk up to them and make them famous. Plus, this is saying that the only point of acting is to become famous and stuff. You shouldn't start acting to become famous, you should do it because you have a passion. - marisolsanchez

I really miss Victorious, being excited for new episodes as kid growing up.

Victorious songs


1. Freak the Freak Out
2. Best Friends Brother
3. Give it Up
4. Here's 2 Us
5. Bad Boyz

4 Make It In America

Victoria's voice is magnifient here. I love this song so much - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

5 Best Friend's Brother
6 Take a Hint

So realistic, and very true. It's a bop.

Love this song! - PandasNGaga

7 Beggin' On Your Knees
8 L.A. Boys
9 Shut Up N' Dance
10 All I Want Is Everything


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11 Here's 2 Us
12 You're the Reason

"If it was raining you would yell at the Sun" - marisolsanchez

13 Bad Boys
14 Finally Falling
15 You Don't Know Me
16 Tell Me That You Love Me
17 5 Fingaz to the Face
18 Broken Glass

I can’t believe this legendary masterpiece wasn’t in here yet. - Misfire

19 Song 2 You
20 365 Days
21 Faster Than Boyz
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