Best Songs from Visions of Atlantis' The Deep & the Dark

The Deep & the Dark is the sixth album by Austrian Power/Symphonic Metal band Visions of Atlantis, released on February 16th, 2018 under Napalm Records. It is the first album in the band's discography to feature a new lineup since 2013's Ethera, including vocalists Clementine Delauney and Siegfried Samer. The only returning band member is drummer Thomas Caser, who has been with the band since 2000.

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Ritual Night Ritual Night Cover Art

Track 03

This track is a personal favorite of mine. Its got an intro that grabs my attention, a groovy instrumentation and the quality production here shows itself pretty well. Not to mention how this song gets me to chime in every once in a while and the vocals are great nonetheless. I also enjoy the chorus rather highly, considering they flow neatly. - CrimsonShark

The Silent Mutiny The Silent Mutiny Cover Art

Track 04

I'm pretty sure this is the first song I've heard by Visions of Atlantis. This is one of the heavier songs in the albums, though its not too heavy either way. This track has arguably the best vocal flow in the album. Its damn catchy and fun to listen, and the instrumentals really help. I'm pretty much thinking the lyrics are about standing up for oneself, but that's just me... - CrimsonShark

The Grand Illusion The Grand Illusion Cover Art

Track 07

Arguably the heaviest track in the album. Siegfried starts off pretty well, and Clementine also gets to display how she can keep up with faster-paced songs in a good fashion too. This one has some of the albums best instrumentation and harmonies, which keeps me entertained for a good duration of the song. - CrimsonShark

Return to Lemuria Return to Lemuria Cover Art

Track 02

Oddly enough, this is based on the myth of Lemuria, which is quite similar to Atlantis. Regardless,the song is quite smooth in production and vocals. The instrumentals are pretty solid, so I'll give it that. Clementine's voice fits the tone seamlessly. It does present a rather adventurous feel throughout the track. Its overall a great track :). - CrimsonShark

Prayer to the Lost Prayer to the Lost Cover Art

Track 10

A melodic and mid-paced, but ultimately satisfying conclusion to the album. The soft instrumental hooks are really nice to listen to and the guitars help balance out to fit with the rather bittersweet message of the song. Although Clementine is the sole focus, she carries the song out very well in one of her best vocal performances. - CrimsonShark

The Last Home The Last Home Cover Art

Track 06

Easily the softest song in the album. It starts slow and builds up. I love the instrumentation and the production certainly helps in the song's quality. It also has one of Clementine's best vocal deliveries in the album and it goes along with the track's harmony really eloquently and the lyrics are bittersweet, which also fits into the sound very effectively. Its another personal favorite of mine. The ending payoff is gorgeous, which easily makes this a favorite for me :). - CrimsonShark

The Deep & the Dark The Deep & the Dark Cover Art

Track 01

The opening track has a deep intro, though the rest consists of smooth melodies, fast pace and a conjunction between Clementine and Siegfried's singing. There is a heavy instrumental bridge after the second chorus, which presents a sort-of epic feel. It's a pretty solid way to open up the album in conclusion. - CrimsonShark

Dead Reckoning Dead Reckoning Cover Art

Track 08

This one has an anthemic prelude, followed by a melodic guitar riff in Both singers do pretty well in maintaining vocal balance and the chorus is rather pounding, although not aggressive. The Instrumentals are pretty solid too. - CrimsonShark

Book of Nature Book of Nature Cover Art

Track 05

Intro buildup is pretty well-handled. Again, one of the heavier songs in the album and the instrumentals are good, alongside some solid production. This track has Siegfried in one of his best vocal performances in the album and Clementine fails to disappoint either way. - CrimsonShark

Words of War Words of War Cover Art

Track 09

This one is rather groovy. Sebastian's vocals is fun to listen to. The duet between him and Clementine further adds that in a catchy chorus too and the instrumentals is heavy and melodic for a good blend between symphony and Heavy Metal. Though I find the closure rather disappointing... - CrimsonShark

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