Best Songs on Warrant's Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie is the 2nd studio album by Warrant and was released on September 11th, 1990 The album is the band's best-known and highest-selling release and peaked at number 7 on The Billboard 200.The album featured the hits "Cherry Pie", "I Saw Red", "Uncle Tom's Cabin" and "Blind Faith".

"Cherry Pie", which is Warrant's best-known song, was dedicated to the president of Sony Music Entertainment US Don Ienner. The dedication was no doubt inspired by the record company pressure which led to the track's creation. The record was completed without the song, but Warrant's label requested that a new rock "anthem" be added in order to enhance its marketability. Vocalist Lane responded by writing "Cherry Pie" in 15 minutes. Bassist Jerry Dixon and guitarist Allen, who believed the album was complete and were playing in a charity golf tournament in Denver, were called back to Los Angeles to complete the track.The single comprises a string of metaphorical references to sex and bears some melodic resemblance to Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar on Me", and Joan Jett's "I Love Rock n' Roll". The guitar solo was performed by Poison's guitarist C. C. DeVille. At the end of the solo, a vocal aside acknowledges "trained professional". The song has been cited by many as a rock anthem although the band themselves hate this song and feel that it overshadows the other songs on the album. The song is featured in the video game Guitar Hero II. It is also featured as Nancy Gribble's cell phone ring tone on King of the Hill, Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, Grown Ups 2, in an advertisement for XM radio, and in the twelfth episode of the animated series Mission Hill. It also appears in the 2007 American Comedy Film "Kickin' It Old School".
On May 1, 2007, "Cherry Pie" was featured on ECW's Extreme Expose.

Genres: Hard Rock

Warrant Members:

Jani Lane - vocals, arranger

Joey Allen - guitar

Erik Turner - guitar, arrangement

Jerry Dixon - bass

Steven Sweet - drums

The Top Ten Best Songs on Warrant's Cherry Pie

1 Uncle Tom's Cabin
2 Cherry Pie

Didn't realize that much history was behind this song. - Skullkid755

3 Mr. Rainmaker
4 Bed of Roses
5 Blind Faith
6 Train Train
7 I Saw Red
8 Sure Feels Good to Me
9 Love In Stereo
10 Song and Dance Man

The Contenders

11 You're the Only Hell Your Mama Ever Raised
12 Ode to Tipper Gore
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