Best Songs On We As Human's Self Titled Album

Second studio album and first major label album. So consistently brilliant.

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1 Take the Bullets Away

We As Human are EPIC. I noticed John Cooper of Skillet saying a lot about them, and then saw Ben Burnley of Breaking Benjamin do the same, so decided to do the same... And wow. I have not looked back since. We As Human are amazing. And more than that, they are so consistent, with every song matching the album atmospheres but still being standout and brilliant. Immediately become one of my favourite bands. Their second studio album and their first major label album, the self titled album, is absolutely brilliant in every way, even the album cover. LOVE the album. Especially Take The Bullets Away for stand out and Bring To Life for connection... And they are so accessible, fans of any genre can love this music, literally. Fans of metal can love them, fans of pop can and do love them.

Take The Bullets Away is their leading song along with Strike Back. While Strike Back is BRILLIANT, this is even better in my opinion, much better. Amazing song, featuring the beautiful Lacey Sturm, ...more - EvilAngel

@Evil Angel: I agree. I love these three songs very much. I was utterly disappointed when jesusfreakhideout made this remark:

"Unfortuntely, the album doesn't get off to a very good start. "Strike Back" manages to encapsulate everything that is wrong with hard rock right now: generic instrumentation and melody, overly melodramatic vocal delivery, and woeful lyrics. In fact, when the song says "You're gonna suffer; hit me, I hit back harder... it's your darkest hour," I'm really not sure who the song is talking to. It could be Satan, but that seems like shaky theology. If it's about another human, then the attitude doesn't seem very Christ-like. Either way, the track sounds like its primary goal is to end up on a promo spot for the NFL. Thankfully, the album improves some after that point, although the following track is equally weak. " - Brightside

Take the Bullets Away is a very fierce song. Bring To Life is great as well but I found TTBA, more attractive and more emotional. - Brightside

2 Bring to Life

Such a brilliant song that has connected with me so much. Love this in more ways than words can explain. Listen to this please, no matter what music you like. - EvilAngel

3 Strike Back
4 We Fall Apart
5 Sever

Come on guys. this song is awesome.

6 Where We Are

This song isn't from their self-titled album. Its from "Until We're Dead" - Brightside

7 Dead Man
8 Taking Life

This is my favorite song of the album. Such great lyrics, great pace and it induces great emotion. - jerk4life

9 I Stand
10 Zombie

How Is this song last! IT'S THE BEST WE AS HUMAN SONG!

The Contenders

11 Let Me Drown

Surprised that it wasn't even on the list. Great song. - Brightside

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