Echoes Of Silence - The Weeknd (Mixtape Review)

PhenomentalOne Here we are, at The Weeknd's final mixtape, where he goes too much emotional and it leads to another great project. When I first heard it, I thought this might be the best he has ever done, but this was only because this mixtape has a strong opening and wears down in the end, and ultimately Thursday won. So lettuce begin.

1. D.D.
The Weeknd's most favourite song, the song whose lyrics inspired him to make music, we can't be thankful enough to this. But here's the thing, in my opinion, the question isn't, "Is D.D. a good song?". The question is, "Did Abel do a better job in covering Dirty Diana than MJ did in creating it?" I dunno, but it is still a killer track.

Best Part of the Song - The lyrics (Credits to Michael Jackson)

2. Montreal
This song, this song,THIS SONG!

Let me tell you, never did I think that Abel would create such a beautiful song about a break-up, that you wouldn't imagine that it is a The Weeknd song. This song shows commitment to the relationship while not losing it's vulgar touch ("But baby, I'm a pro at letting go, I love it when they come and go."), some good drums and a French sample that's on-the-point. Nothing else to say or I might look like a fangirl more than a fanboy.

Best Part of the Song - The lyrics

3. Outside
This track is good and would feel home in Kiss Land. The lyrics need some work, though.

Best Part of the Song - Dunno, mate.

4. XO/The Host
XO serves good as an anthem to the drugs. Especially the modified guitars that sound somewhat funny. The melody's nice and the vocals are good. But I don't like The Host because it leads to the monstrosity that is...

5. Initiation
Here's a challenge for you guys.
  • Find the lyrics of this song on any website.
  • Make an insane feminist read them.
  • Come back alive.
If you can't complete this challenge, then don't ever say that this song is good. Because it isn't, in any way. And Abel does the same thing he does in Life Of The Party, that is, modifying his voice to sound like a demon from the Netherworld. And the stuff he does isn't only immoral, it's ILLEGAL. Why does this song exist, I don't know.

Best Part of the Song - Really?

Midway Rankings
5. Initiation
4. XO/The Host
3. Outside
2. D.D.
1. Montreal

6. Same Old Song
A fresh breath of air after the travesty that is Initiation. And also a good way to say "FU" to your ex. But the question I have is...
WHAT IS JUICY J DOING HERE?! He contributes nothing to the song, promotes his own album and leaves. What was the point of him being here?

Best Part of the Song - The concept

7. The Fall
This is a weird track, to be honest. The song can't pick up anywhere, and I get the concept, but the song doesn't have the energy to show Abel's fearlessness. I don't think this'll grow on me anytime soon.

Best Part of the Song - Dunno, mate

8. Next
To be honest, this track kinda grew on me on the last second, I like it.

Best Part of the Song - The background vocals (Finally! Something won over the piano.)

9. Echoes Of Silence
This song is... empty. I mean, I get that the situation is emotional, Abel is leaving but the girl doesn't want him to. But still, Abel's vocals should be smooth for the track, but they aren't, even the piano can't save this from being shallow and in the end, uninteresting.

Best Part of the Song - The concept and the fact that it's the last song on the mixtape.

SO, there you go. You may have noticed that I didn't have much to say today. So I'm sorry but I'll definitely try to improve. Tomorrow, it all comes down to one place. Let's see if the compilation can save everything.

Overall Rankings
9. Initiation
8. The Fall
7. Echoes Of Silence
6. XO/The Host
5. Same Old Song

4. Next
3. Outside
2. D.D.
1. Montreal

Best Tracks - #1-#6 (half of it)
Mixtape Rating - 7/10