House of Balloons - The Weeknd (Mixtape Review)

PhenomentalOne It has begun.

I was originally going to make a video and post it on YouTube but as it turns out, I know nothing about video editing. So I choose the easier and lazier option - sit on your bed, in the comfort of your room, with your HTC Desire 820G+ and tap away.

This series is gonna last for a week before I move to my 2nd artist. So here's what I'm gonna do. I will review each track but I won't grade them. Instead I will rank them, once in the middle and in the end of the post. So let's begin.

1. High For This
Our opener is... There you go. The review hasn't even begun yet and I'm at a loss of words. See, this is what I meant when I said I don't know anything about music review. But then again, once you begin, there's no turning back. So, let's start, with renewed vigour.

To tell you the truth, I don't like this track. I mean, it does good as an opener, taking you for a deep dive in the sea that is House of Balloons. But other than that, well, nothing much to say.

(Edit - It has grown on me. Guess that strong bass drop had something to do with it. Expect the rankings to be different.)

Best Part of the Song - The harmonization in the end (I don't know, there's nothing special about it. Guess it's addictive.)

2. What You Need
This is one of the first songs that old fans heard of The Weeknd. And it's one hell of a good song. The dark, evil but still beautiful background music, especially with the piano and the not-too-complex lyrics was just the thing that the song needed to be a standout track in the mixtape. While the others essentially were bass-boosted, this one didn't need that to exist as a good song. Love it.

Best Part of the Song - Everything

3. House of Balloons/ Glass Table Girls
Another song which I can't say anything about. Well, while others might argue that it's one of the best songs in The Weeknd's discography (It's his highest song in the Best Songs of All Time list, what else is left to say?), but since we are entitled to our own opinion, let me tell you that this song is ATROCIOUS. On one hand, you have House of Balloons, where Abel is trying to convince the girl (or the listener) that there's nothing to worry about, while it is evident that he needs to convince himself of the fact before he goes for others. The melody isn't interesting and the beat is, well, you could foot-tap to it but that's that.

While House of Balloons is somewhat decent (or meh, in my opinion), you have Glass Table Girls which is even worse because get this, he's not even rapping over here, he's MUMBLING. And don't even try to tell me, "He's on drugs, what do you expect?". Because let me tell you, no one, and by that I mean NO ONE, should ever sing/rap while high on some weed or anything that you smoke.

Best Part of the Song - The lyrics (They had some decent work in them. Especially,
"Reading skies 'cause time don't exist". That's particularly awesome.)

(Edit - Per High For This. Except that Glass Table Girls still sucks.)

4. The Morning
Y'know, when I first heard the song, I thought it would grow on me. It hasn't grown on me yet. That's it.

Best Part of the Song - "All that money, the money, is the motive." with the cool beat drop.

5. Wicked Games
Well, let's see the statistics of this song.
Lead single from 'Trilogy' One of the first songs that OG fans heard #2 in the 'Best The Weeknd Songs' list #1 in the 'Best Songs in The Weeknd's Trilogy' list The question - Does it really deliver like it should for you, mate?
The answer-

With good lyrics, a menacing bass and great vocals, this manages to win a place in my heart as being deserving of the spots it gets. This might be THE definition of The Weeknd.

Best Part of the Song - The piano in the chorus (The piano is now less of an instrument and more of a weapon used often by Abel and it always succeeds in convincing us of the pain that he has within)

Midway Rankings!!!
5. The Morning
4. House Of Balloons/Glass Table Girls
3. High For This
2. Wicked Games
1. What You Need

4 tracks left, let's do this.

6. The Party and The After Party
I like this, especially The Party, with the smooth beats, decent-enough lyrics and especially the sample (I forgot the song's name, but I still love it). I feel that The After Party is a bit of a drag, but it's justified, considering that it's basically the hangover from The Party. The guitar riffs are a special highlight, but here's the thing - the riffs make The After Party sound more positive and happy while it should be opposite, as the girl has found out what Abel has been doing. Or is it just me?

Best Part of the Song - I dunno, man. Nothing's too good to be the best.

7. Coming Down
When I first heard this, I found it extremely eerie and spooky, especially with the guitar echo. Then I gave it a couple of listens, and now it's one of my favourites.

For starters, if we look at the lyrics, it shows Abel in a serious relationship, where he's deeply in love with the girl, even though his problems ultimately make him do things against her wish i.e. drugs. And he hopes she knows that he wants her when he's fully conscious at the aftermath of the intoxication. That's a positive.

And the music is no less better. The beats, the guitar (it's no longer spooky for me) and the atmosphere they create are great. So, I hope it's clear why this might snatch a top 3 spot at my end rankings.

Best Part of the Song - The piano that starts near the end of the song (I wanted more of that)

8. Loft Music
This is a special kind of song which requires me to do a live reaction (or an enactment of it). So let's begin.

0.00 - Oh yeah, man. Who's that sexy girl with that sexy voice, giving ah's in the background? Daft Punk's female hybrid or something? (I know it's a sample, but still)
0.51 - ALL DAY, ALL DAY!
2.30 - Nice track, albeit a little short. Let's move on to The Knowing.
2.54 - Wait, the song isn't over yet?
4.09 - Abel, is this a lullaby? Do you want to put me to sleep?
4.23 - (Notices the length of the track. Decides to skip it)

You can see why this song isn't in my playlist.

Best Part of the Song - Go Figure

9. The Knowing
When I read the lyrics of the song on, I figured that I would like this song. But as it turns out, I didn't. Nothing much to say. The music video is too much symbolic, but is still awesome, so that's a plus.

Best Part of the Song - The lyrics and the opening of the 2nd chorus (I know EEEEEVERYYYYYTHAAAAANG)

SO, there you go. Hope you like this, it's my first review, it took 2 hours but it was worth it. See you tomorrow.

Wait, am I forgetting something? Yeah, there you go.

Overall Rankings
9. The Knowing
8. The Morning
7. House of Balloons/Glass Table Girls
6. Loft Music
5. High For This
4. The Party and The After Party
3. Coming Down
2. Wicked Games
1. What You Need

Best tracks - (1-4)
Mixtape Rating - 6/10



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