I deserve a break, but... Kiss Land - The Weeknd (Album Review)

Today, we'll review the album that some people say is The Weeknd's worst project, and some people say is The Weeknd's best project. And I don't know, it has Asian vibes, well thought-out lyrics and mostly, a concept that might be the GREATEST concept The Weeknd has ever worked upon.

1. Professional
"What's a somebody in a nobody town?" asks Abel in the album's opener. And frankly, it's uninteresting. Sorry, but I don't see myself giving this another chance.

Best Part of the Song - ?

2. The Town
Okay, this is way better than the slur we experienced before. A better story is being told here, but again, I thought this would grow on me, but it hasn't yet.

Best Part of the Song - At this point, I might not have ANYTHING to say about this album itself. Why am I doing this?

3. Adaptation
Another track which shows Abel adapting to the society he sees in Kiss Land, even though he somewhat regrets about losing his former love and how she might've been the one. As for the song, yeah, it's decent enough, but again, hasn't grown on me yet.

Best Part of the Song - The transition in the end, which leads to...

4. Love In The Sky
Now this, this is a song I can talk about. It contains... I don't want to do this, don't I?

Abel has smooth vocals over here, which works and music gives me chills, good chills. The beat isn't catchy, but is still catchy. What is happening to me?

Best Part of the Song - The Japanese... guitar?

5. Belongs To The World
This song is... I seriously don't have any words for how AMAZING this song is! The drums, Abel's powerful voice and most of all, the lyrics. This song is a perfect rival to In The Night in terms of concept and flawlessness.

Best Part of the Song - This song's too good for that.

Midway Rankings
5. Professional
4. The Town
3. Adaptation
2. Love In The Sky
1. Belong To The World

6. Live For (Ft. Drake)
Okay, we have rap-based lyrics, drums, guitars and most importantly, Drake. What can we do? Make a better song than The Zone, at least.

Drake's verse and energy have both improved over here and manages to maintain a good flow till the chorus drops (or is it the hook? Seriously, what's the difference between a chorus and a hook?)

Best Part of the Song - Drake's verse (Don't ask)

7. Wanderlust
The soul of Michael Jackson possesses Abel again for this track with pop-ish beats and him calling a girl "Precious Little Diamond".

Now, let me make this clear. This is not a The Weeknd song. This is a Michael Jackson song. And does it interest me? No.

Best Part of the Song - The strings (Definitely not a guitar)

8. Kiss Land
Here we are, on the title track, which is divided into two parts, namely Kiss and Land. Kiss instantly hooked me up, while Land took some time. But it is still good, man. The atmosphere, the beats and Abel's presence throughout makes these 7-and-a-half minutes worth it.

Best Part of the Song - "This ain't nothing to relate to" (Well, yes and no)

9. Pretty
On the surface, it might seem like a pretty (no pun intended) romantic song, what with Abel declaring that no one could make the girl feel so beautiful, except for him. Well, dig deeper into the surface (or even better, just watch the music video) and it becomes clear that Abel ain't no angel. What he means is he's gonna RUIN her and no one would be Abel to erase her scars (I'm a good comedian, thank you).

Best Part of the Song - The chorus, especially with the background voices which begin mid-chorus

10. Tears In The Rain
Confession - The 1st time I heard this song, I heard it's YouTube version (which is 5 BPM higher) instead of the actual, album version. And that's the version that I ABSOLUTELY ADORE. Even though it seems like a woman is singing it, even though it sounds way more emotional and EVEN THOUGH IT'S THE WRONG VERSION, I DON'T GIVE ONE! EVERY SECOND OF THIS SONG IS BLISS AND THOSE WHO DON'T LIKE THIS CAN GO DIE!

Okay, that's too much of aggressiveness. Now with a calm mind, I would like to continue. Every time I hear this, I seem to forget that it is a The Weeknd song. In fact, I forget everything about the song. All I can focus on is the pain in the voice and the hard-hitting truth that Abel says over here, something which applies to me as well. All I can say is, this song deserves to have an album of it's own.

Best Part of the Song - What do you think?

Bonus track - Odd Look (Ft. Kavinsky)
Uhh... I don't know.

Best Part of the Song - Daft Punk

SO, there you go. This might be my worst review of my 1-week-career. Tomorrow, I have 14 tracks to cover. Wish yourself luck that you don't fall asleep.

Overall Ratings
11. Professional
10. Odd Look (Ft. Daft Punk)
09. The Town
08. Adaptation
07. Wanderlust
06. Pretty
05. Kiss Land
04. Live For (Ft. Drake)
03. Love In The Sky
02. Belong To The World
01. Tears In The Rain
Album Rating - 5.5/10



I do like this album quite a fair bit.

Good review. - ProPanda