Trilogy - The Weeknd (Album Review)(REPOST)

(I've reposted this due to some errors and, in the admin's words, profanity. Also, the rankings have changed, so there.)

Here we are, at the GRAND FINALE!

So you must be wondering, Phenom, you've reviewed every mixtape of his and all of them appear on this. What else is left?

Well, if you've noticed my previous reviews, they were all mixtape reviews. For Trilogy, The Weeknd added 1 bonus track to each one. So that's gonna be reviewed today. Also, they'll be added to the mixtapes, so the rankings and ratings are gonna change. Let's begin.

House Of Balloons - Twenty Eight
A solid track where Abel again asks his fans why they let his secret spread to the world in the form of talking to a girl, asking HER why did she have to tell her friends about how good he was at... you know what. Stunning piano, great lyrics and a good concept, this song rules.

Position in mixtape - #4
NEW Mixtape Rating - 6/10 (I feel I've been too harsh on this mixtape, considering the fact that EACH song had an aspect that I liked. Still, can't rate it higher than this)

Thursday - Valerie
Y'know, in my review of Thursday, I gave you all a little backstory of my life. This was the song that made me feel like this mixtape was made for me, a loner. This is beautiful in every definition of the word. It strikes me both emotionally and musically. And the last line might be the best cliffhanger ever.

Position In Mixtape - #1
NEW Mixtape Rating - 9.7/10 (This might feel a little too much, but seriously, if you go through what I've gone through, you'll rate it higher. The -0.3 are for the 3 tracks I didn't like)

Echoes Of Silence - Till Dawn (Here Comes The Sun)
The eerie atmosphere, the lyrics showing a new morning for The Weeknd and his fans' journey and the guitar, especially the riff that begins in the 2nd chorus, not only makes this song the PERFECT CLOSER for Echoes Of Silence, but also for THE WHOLE TRILOGY.

Position In Mixtape - #3
Mixtape Rating - 8.5/10

Notice the fact that there were no 'Best Part of the Song's this time. These tracks don't need it.

And now, the main event. This thing is gonna kill me. Well, here goes nothing...

30. Initiation
29. Heaven Or Las Vegas
28. The Fall
27. Echoes Of Silence
26. The Knowing
25. Life Of The Party
24. The Morning
23. Lonely Star
22. House Of Balloons/Glass Table Girls
21. The Zone (Ft. Drake)
20. XO/The Host
19. Loft Music
18. Gone
17. Next
16. Same Old Song
15. High For This
14. The Birds, Pt. 1
13. The Party and The After Party
12. Outside
11. Twenty Eight
10. Rolling Stone
09. Till Dawn (Here Comes The Sun)
08. D.D.
07. Coming Down
06. Thursday
05. The Birds, Pt. 2
04. Wicked Games
03. Valerie
02. Montreal
01. What You Need

Album Rating - 8.3/10 (Abel will probably never top this)