Top Ten Songs from Ween's GodWeenSatan: The Oneness


The Top Ten

1 Birthday Boy

This is the best song on the album. It represents everything that was great about this album. This song is the second greatest birthday song of all time, only behind "Birthday" by The Beatles. - Pony

2 You F***** Up

The song that introduced me to Ween. - Pony

3 Wayne's Pet Youngin'

This is a funny and crazy song. - Pony

4 L.M.L.Y.P.

This is the greatest song that Prince never wrote. - Pony

5 Mushroom Festival in Hell

An awesome lo-fi track that's memorable and crazy at the same time. - Pony

6 Don't Laugh (I Love You)

This song is genuinely funny. It reminds me of a song that Gir from Invader Zim would sing. - Pony

7 I'm in the Mood to Move

This song is short and simple, but it reminds us of the absurdity of Ween's earlier songs. - Pony

8 Nan

This is Eddie Dingle's song! - Pony

9 Marble Tulip Juicy Tree

What is this song about? The meaning of life? The fate of the universe? The almighty Boognish? - Pony

10 Licking the Palm for Guava

Concluding this list is sixty seconds of pure craziness. Ween offers a noisy, crude, excellent song that transitions into Mushroom Festival in Hell. - Pony

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