Best Songs from Weezer's Death to False Metal

A compilation album full of unreleased tracks, some quite golden. It was released in 2010 right after Hurley.

The Top Ten

1 Turning Up the Radio Turning Up the Radio Cover Art

Haha, this is the most promising album title I have ever seen. But I somehow didn't expect metal music from these guys. And unfortunately false metal is still alive. - Metal_Treasure

The irony is that this album really isn't metal. It was actually a saying that the lead singer, Rivers Cuomo, had when he was a young boy. - cjWriter1997

Just picked this up for 2 bucks at a used CD store, pretty sweet if you ask me - Bboymakinwitthefrekfreak

2 Unbreak My Heart Unbreak My Heart Cover Art
3 I Don't Want Your Loving I Don't Want Your Loving Cover Art
4 Everyone Everyone Cover Art
5 Blowin' My Stack Blowin' My Stack Cover Art
6 Losing My Mind Losing My Mind Cover Art
7 Autopilot Autopilot Cover Art
8 Trampoline Trampoline Cover Art
9 Odd Couple Odd Couple Cover Art
10 I'm a Robot I'm a Robot Cover Art
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