Albums I Missed: Weezer's White Album

Disclaimer: The following post is full of opinions, if you are easily offended pleas be careful for it is only opinions.

You have been warned!

Over the past few years, Weezer has released two albums that were pretty solid. In 2014, Everything Will Be Alright In the End was released. It made an approach to a more rock powered album since Maladroit. The songs were all quite fascinating to most Weezer fans. Had some great hits like Back to the Shack, Da Vinci and Cleopatra. Overall, it was a great album in the Weezer discography. Then in April 2016, Weezer released another album known as Weezer aka "the White Album".

I'm cjWriter1997, the reviewer soon to be, and today I'll be reviewing, you guessed it, the new Weezer album. It was released quite awhile ago. I'm gonna go back this year, and review albums I missed along the way. Kind of like a catching up review. So my first " catching up" review will begin right now...

Upon waiting for release of the new album since the official announcement with the release of the single King of the World, I was really eager for the new album. So excited that I bought the CD on the exact day it was release, not even pre-listening to it on a streaming site. I didn't listen to reviews like I normally would. I just bought it. I knew somehow that Weezer was not going to let me down. And as expected, they did not at all.

From the first track, California Kids to the epic closer Endless Bummer, I loved the album so much. Listening to the CD on the stereo, I couldn't help but smile on songs like L.A. Girlz and Wind In Our Sail. Then after a few good repeated listens, I made the Best Songs of Weezer's White Album list. There were like two tracks that had to grow on me. One was the piano ballad Jacked Up and the first single released, Thank God for Girls. But now I tend to enjoy them real well.

The album had a very sunny, beach boys feel. The songs sound happy, poppy and exciting but yet some of the messages hidden in the songs were more than happy la la music. King of the World was a very sincere song. Rivers sang how if he could control the world, he would make sure nothing would ever hurt his wife (Hence the name, "King of the World") Do You Wanna Get High? (probably one of the best songs released since Pinkerton) was about Rivers addiction with narcotics during the Green Album era. California Kids feels to express Rivers view on his home state, California.

Then there's Endless Bummer, a song about a young teenager dealing with a breakup. As if Rivers sings in the point of view of that teenager. It is an epic closer, with an awesome guitar solo near the end. The "hey hey" hook was also one of the best things about that song. The song is one of the biggest highlights of the album.

The White Album has become one of my favorite Weezer albums of all-time. I love the Beach Boys vibe from songs like "King of the World" and "Summer Elaine and Drunk Dori". I love the Pinkerton throwback in the song "Do You Wanna Get High?". I love the uniqueness of songs like "Jacked Up", "Thank God For Girls" and "Wind In Our Sail". And especially love "L.A. Girlz". The best song of the album.

Weezer's new album is brilliant album and is a winner to most listeners. The lively songs mixed with heartwarming lyrics and emotional moods, make the whole atmosphere just the way it was made to be. To most Weezer fans, you will love it. Some may find it too poppy or "mainstream", but I can see the album to be made to grow on people. At first, their were a few songs that we're iffy, but as time went on, I found the songs quite great. Some tracks I like more than others, but I wouldn't say their was a bad song at all.

If you haven't checked the new Weezer album, and you are interested in or already into Weezer, go listen to it. See for yourself. Then of course listen to Blue Album and Pinkerton.

As for a rating, I give it a 4.5/5!

Best Tracks: L.A. Girlz, King of the World, California Kids, Do You Wanna Get High?, Endless Bummer, Thank God for Girls, Wind In Our Sail, Jacked Up

Meh Tracks: Summer Elaine and Drunk Dori, (Girl We Got a) Good Thing

Worst Tracks: None

Thanks for stopping by on my review. Please feel free to let me know what you think of this new Weezer album. Did you love it as much as I did? Maybe even more? Or was it okay? Perhaps even bad to you? In all other words, this has been cjWriter1997 signing off, and have a good day!


Awesome review.I also have this album on CD and enjoyed the hell out of it. - FettiMC