Best Songs on Weird Al's Straight Outta Lynwood

The Top Ten

1 White & Nerdy White & Nerdy Cover Art
2 Trapped In the Drive-Thru Trapped In the Drive-Thru Cover Art
3 Canadian Idiot Canadian Idiot Cover Art
4 Don't Download This Song Don't Download This Song Cover Art
5 I'll Sue Ya I'll Sue Ya Cover Art

This is awesome (RATM) and I love the lyrics, LOL - Metal_Treasure

6 Pancreas
7 Confessions Part III
8 Polkarama! Polkarama! Cover Art
9 Weasel Stomping Day Weasel Stomping Day Cover Art
10 Close but No Cigar Close but No Cigar Cover Art

The Contenders

11 Virus Alert Virus Alert Cover Art
12 Do I Creep You Out Do I Creep You Out Cover Art
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