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81 N.Y. State of Mind - Nas
82 Pardon Me - Incubus
83 Daddy - Korn
84 The Beast Within - Overkill

The first time I listened to Overkill, I was just going through some of their discography, and the first one was their demo, Power in Black. I was going through the songs individually rather than the whole album and I accidentally skipped the first song, Overkill, and listened to this song instead first. It's not my favorite Overkill song, but I still do listen to it sometimes. - Element119

85 Jump - Van Halen

I absolutely love Van Halen's music, and Jump was probably the first song I heard by them. I actually never really took an interest in them based on this song before I heard their other music though (I am not much of a fan of synthesizers and such even though this is a pretty good song). But one day on the radio, I heard Dance the Night Away, which led me to listen to some of their other music, which I loved very much. Jump is not my favorite Van Halen song, though it is a pretty good song. - Element119

86 Keelhauled - Alestorm
87 You Got Another Thing Comin' - Judas Priest
88 Zeit Für Optimisten - Silbermond

On a sampler back in 2005 when I was 8 or 9, about ten years before I became a fan. I remember I listened to the song a few times, but I think back then it was too rock-ish for me. Nowadays, I think this is a perfect example of one of their older tracks. A rebelious anthem against all the pessimism in modern society, with an energetic and catchy performance by the entire band. - Martin_Canine

89 Shot in the Dark - Within Temptation

After having bought all of the Nightwish albums I wanted more of that style so I bought a random Within Temptation album, which was The Unforgiving. The first full song on it was Shot in the Dark, after the spoken intro. I think this song has much power and an addictive chorus, and is one of my favorite by them, but I also bought that one album that sounds entirely different than the rest of their discography. - Martin_Canine

90 Durch Den Monsun - Tokio Hotel

The German version where Bill Kaulitz didn't have his puberty voice change yet and still sounded like a child. Back in 2005, when I was 8 or 9, this was as big as a song can get and Tokio Hotel were EVERYWHERE. I hated their music back then, also the other singles from the first album. I didn't give them another listen until 2010 which was when I figured out that only the first album is bad and that everything that came afterwards is really good (and if you read through many German comments on the internet, I wasn't the only one). As of today, I still don't like their first album, but I really like the 2007 English version "Monsoon", when Bill Kaulitz already had a deeper voice. - Martin_Canine

91 Photograph - Nickelback

I was 9 when this song was a hit, but I didn't care about it back then. I wasn't into anything that sounded like rock back then. Today, I really like Nickelback, and also this song, but there are several I like better. - Martin_Canine

92 Ass Like That - Eminem

Again, I was 8 or 9 when this song's music video was constantly on T.V. and so I often heard it and also liked it. I still think it is a stupidly funny song with a great beat, but we all know Eminem can do way more. - Martin_Canine

93 American Life - Madonna

I think I was 6 or 7 when this song played all over T.V. (the censored video where she is performing the song in front of several flags) and I immediately fell in love with it. It took me some years until I found out what the song is about and that there is also a graphic music video to it, I was 12 or so when I first saw that, and at that age I could also understand English pretty well. I also didn't realize how experimental it sounds back then. I still love the song and regard it as one of her best and most underrated, but it nevertheless has an entirely different feeling for me now. - Martin_Canine

94 Living to Love You - Sarah Connor

On a sampler back in 2005, but it was an acoustic version where there is no piano but a guitar playing. I loved the song back then and still love it today. Connor simply has a great voice and performs (mostly) great songs with it. There's nothing to not like. - Martin_Canine

95 Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime - Nena & Kim Wilde

In 2003, when I was 6, my mother bought herself a CD by Nena called "Nena feat. Nena" where Nena performs modernized versions of her classic songs from the 80s and 90s. I fell in love with it immediately and so my mother gave the album to me. As far as I remember, "Anyplace Anywhere Anytime", a bilingual version of her song "Irgendwie Irgendwo Irgendwann" sung in duet with Kim Wilde, was the first song I heard by her, since it was released as the albums' lead single. It was also the first song I have ever heard by Kim Wilde, even though I have heard a cover version of her song "Kids in America" by Len earlier. - Martin_Canine

96 Stronger - Kanye West

Was a hit in 2007, and I liked it, so I bought the "Graduation" album, and then never listened to it again. Kanye West didn't get much media coverage in Germany so I kind of forgot about him. Years passed until in 2013 I heard another song by him, Monster, and understood what a genius producer he is. He's not just a rapper, he feels the music itself and creates great melodies and moods. So I listened to Graduation again and also bought his other albums, and my opinion of it has improved extremely much.
Still, I'm kind of angry at him for not making "Life of Pablo" widely available worldwide physically or for download, because I don't stream music. If I spend money on music, I also want to own it physically, or at least be able to burn it on CD after legally downloading it. - Martin_Canine

97 Rosenrot - Rammstein

You know, while adding songs to this list, I realise much of my free time in 2005 was spent watching music videos on T.V.. In that year, "Rosenrot" hit the German charts, but back then I didn't care much about it. I became a Rammstein fan in the 2010s, after having seen "Nymphomaniac", in which their song "Führe mich" was used. Now I think "Rosenrot" is a great melodic and darkly poetic song. - Martin_Canine

98 I Know - Vanilla Ninja

On a sampler (the same that also contained "Zeit für Optimisten" by Silbermond) in 2005, and I loved it.
I still think this song is cool pop rock with an attitude, but on the other hand it doesn't fit a bit onto the "Blue Tattoo" album, that overall has a more symphonic and mystical sound. - Martin_Canine

99 Voodoo - Godsmack
100 Heart Shaped Box - Nirvana

It must have been 2007 or so, and I was 10, when this music video was on a show that broadcasted older music videos. But back then, it didn't mean anything to me but I remembered the "hey! " in the chorus and the surreal music video. It was several years later when I found out the band and the song title. I consider it one of my favorite songs now. - Martin_Canine

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