Top 10 Songs that Were Recorded in Other Languages


The Top Ten

1 My Way - Frank Sinatra
2 El Condor Pasa (If I Could) - Simon & Garfunkel
3 La vie en rose - Edith Piaf
4 Waterloo - ABBA
5 Harvest of Sorrow - Blind Guardian

This beautiful song has always been only a bonus track (to several albums). It was recorded as:
Mies del Dolor (in Spanish)
Frutto del Buio (in Italian)
Moisson de Peine (in French)
La Cosecha del Dolor (it was a bonus track for Argentine so I guess it's in Spanish but the title for the Spanish edition is Mies del Dolor... I might be wrong about the language. Can this be Portuguese? ) - Metal_Treasure

6 Alabama Song (Whisky Bar) - The Doors
7 Gloria - Laura Branigan
8 Trust - Megadeth

They recorded a Spanish version - christangrant

9 I Want to Hold Your Hand - The Beatles

They made a German version - Metal_Treasure

10 Can't Change Me - Chris Cornell

The Contenders

11 Piano Man - Billy Joel
12 Skyscraper - Demi Lovato
13 Durch Den Monsun - Tokio Hotel

Many of their songs have been recorded in both German and English. This song in particular was also recorded in Japanese. I highly doubt the band speaks Japanese. This was made during the phase of their German debut album, where they didn't have creative freedom. - Martin_Canine

14 Chiquitita - Abba
15 Honey, Honey - ABBA
16 Drank & Drugs - Lil Kleine

Recorded in Dutch and German

17 Herz an Herz - Blümchen

Blümchen re-recorded her entire first two albums in English under the stage name Blossom. I don't recommend the English version of this song, "Heart to Heart", though. Her voice appears to have been altered, probably to reduce her accent. It sounds pretty weird. I don't know all her English songs, maybe the others are better produced. - Martin_Canine

18 Von Hier an Blind - Wir Sind Helden

Was recorded in Japanese as "Sa Itte Miyo". - Martin_Canine

19 Guten Tag - Wir Sind Helden

Was recorded in French as "La réclamacion". - Martin_Canine

20 Feuer Frei - Rammstein

I speak English, so for me, this is in another language. (ignore this and maybe delete this entry. Completely misunderstood the point of the list) - OrionPink

21 Aurelie - Wir Sind Helden

Was recorded in French as well, as "Aurelie (C'est pas Paris)".
What's funny is that this song, unlike the other foreign languagr version of Wir sind Helden songs, is actually about a French woman. More specifically, it is about a French woman coming to Germany and who feels undesired over here because she doesn't understand how Germans flirt and doesn't get the overwhelming romance she is used to from France in Germany. I wonder what French people think of this song. - Martin_Canine

22 Girlfriend - Avril Lavigne
23 Bed of Roses - Bon Jovi

They also did a Spanish version, Cama De Roses. - DaringXx

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