Top 10 Songs that Were Used in Zoey 101

Basically any song that was used in Zoey 101 as long as it was used in the show and isn't the main theme it can be added to the list. However I'm excluding the main theme and only including songs that were used by other artists (Other than Jamie Lynn Spears) in the show.

The Top Ten

1 Leave It All to Me - Miranda Cosgrove

Only briefly in one episode and it was for about twenty seconds if I overall correctly.

2 Strange - Dakota

It was played in "Goodbye Zoey"

3 The Vision - Sanchez Twins

It was played during the Rollercoaster episode.

4 Coming To - A Million Seeds

It was played in "Time Capulse"

5 Missing Venus - Cynthia Catania

It was briefly played in "Chase's Girlfriend".

6 Boyz - Saucy Monkey

One of several Saucy Monkey songs that were played in the show.

7 Disco Ball - Saucy Monkey

Quite a few songs from Saucy Monkey where used in the show this only being one of them.

8 Are You Gonna Be My Girl - Jet

It was mainly played during the basketball game of the pilot episode.

9 Highway to Nowhere - Drake Bell

The "Spring Fling" episode enough said.

10 A Million Raindrops -  Bebo Norman

It was briefly played in the episode "Chase's Grandma" so it counts I suppose.

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