Top Ten Songs that Weren't Popular Back in Their Time Because People Weren't Ready to Appreciate Them

The Top Ten

1 April - Deep Purple

A song by Deep Purple from the self-titled album released in 1969 - a 12
minute long masterpiece with a classical orchestral accompaniment. A
metal band performed with an orchestral accompaniment 30 years later -
Metallica in 1999.

2 Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell - The Stooges

Hardcore Punk from 1973. But who was ready for Hardcore Punk in 1973, when the common Punk Rock was rarely existed even?

3 She's Got Eyes that Tell Lies - Him and the Others

The guitar track was too loud for the '60s people.

4 Stone Cold Crazy - Queen

As the metal experts, as the music experts accept this song as the first thrash metal song. But nobody was ready for thrash metal in 1974, when even the traditional heavy metal was just in their earliest stages.

5 Warrior - Riot

This is pure power metal from 1977, when the power metal wasn't an existed concept.

6 A Light In the Black - Rainbow
7 Pictures of Home - Deep Purple
8 21st Century Schizoid Man - King Crimson

Distorted vocals and a long, complex drum solo.

9 I Heard Her Call My Name - The Velvet Underground

As the Him & the Others - She's Got Eyes, this song was too loud for the '60s people too. Lou Reed did something with his guitar on this track what nobody did before.

Too loud for the 60's people?
Maybe that's why we used 8-foot tall Marshall Amps, and played In-a-Gadda-the-Vida and Purple Haze at decibel levels that cause permanent hearing damage within just a few minutes.

10 The Nile Song - Pink Floyd

Grunge in 1969.

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