Top 10 Songs Where the Singer Sounds Like Another Singer

Cover songs count but it's even better if the song is original.
This list doesn't imply that sounding like another singer is something bad. If there are people who look-alike, no surprise there are people who sound-alike. It's due to similar genes, DNA, and this results in songs with striking vocal similarities.

The Top Ten

1 Dead Ringer - Marc Martel

Original song of 2014. Marc Martel sounds pretty much like Freddie Mercury (and kinda looks alike, too).
Marc Martel/Freddie Mercury is the most striking voice similarity I've ever heard.
Martin_Canine said it best: "It's hard not to make that comparison when the voice sounds as close as one being can sound to another."
(if interested, check out the list Best Songs on Marc Martel's Impersonator) - Metal_Treasure

I had a feeling this one would be here. And quite rightly so. It's also a good song. - Britgirl

I thought this was Freddie Mercury! He sounds so similar to him. It's scary. - Userguy44

2 Raven Wing - Iced Earth

Original song of 2017. Stu Block sounds so much like Matt Barlow. Stu Block replaced Matt Barlow when the latter quit the band and I would say that was one of the best singer replacements ever.
I can't believe the singer isn't Matt Barlow! - Metal_Treasure

3 Nailed to the Wheel - Edguy

Original song of 2001. Tobias Sammet sounds like Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden.

I even made a list - Top 10 Edguy Songs that Could Be on Iron Maiden Albums - Metal_Treasure

4 Mother - Danzig

Original song of 1988. To me Glenn Danzig has always sounded very much like Jim Morrison of the Doors. Danzig voice is just a bit more powerful and darker. - Metal_Treasure

I agree. I think he does sound like Jim Morrison with a hint of Elvis Presley. - THC13

5 Boys of Summer - Don Henley

I always, until I found out about a year ago, thought that this was Bryan Adams singing. The vocal resemblance is striking. - Britgirl

I would confuse them, too! Wow! Thanks for this great addition, Britgirl! - Metal_Treasure

6 Pandemic - Accept

Original song of 2010. To me Mark Tornillo sounds like Brian Johnson of AC/DC - Metal_Treasure

7 Back Round - Wolfmother

Original song of 2009. Andrew Stockdale reminds me so much of Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin, esp. his higher register with that "orgasmic" effect - Metal_Treasure

8 Stormbringer - Jorn

Deep Purple cover. The song was originally sung by David Coverdale and not by Ian Gillan. Jorn Lande sounds like David Coverdale! (Whitesnake, ex- Deep Purple).
I know very well Coverdale discography, this song and his voice but I would confuse Jorn with David. - Metal_Treasure

9 Sad but True - Nickelback

Metallica live cover. One of the biggest surprises - Chad sounded like James Hetfield and I never heard any other singer to sound so close to Hetfield. This comes from a massive Metallica fan and Hetfield fan.
The live video is available on YT so check it out and be convinced. You can close your eyes while listening for a bigger effect. I played this cover to some Metallica fans - everyone said the band was Metallica. - Metal_Treasure

I'm not a Nickelback fan (though I don't hate them as much as some of the sheeple do), but that was a solid cover. I just wish they had performed the whole thing. But yeah, Chad's voice sounds great when you put it in the right context. - Gg2000

It wasn't their solo concert - they played it at a Rock Festival with many other bands where bands may have limited time. I guess that was the reason they didn't play the whole song but it was a small tribute to Metallica - a band they like. - Metal_Treasure

10 Before the Dawn - Scheepers

Judas Priest cover of 2011. Ralf Scheepers of Primal Fear sounds like Rob Halford - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 What If Eminem Did Jingle Bells? - Bob Rivers

Don't miss this one. It's VERY FUNNY!
"Give a new meaning to 'ho, ho, ho'
Shake that ass girl, bump your booty in the snow" - Metal_Treasure

12 Jingle Hells Bells - Bob Rivers

Yes! I've heard this! That was a surprisingly good imitation of Bon Scott. - Gg2000

He really sounds like Bon Scott. - Userguy44

Bob Rivers successfully impersonated singer Bon Scott of ACDC (play the sample)
The song is a Xmas parody, with the title referring to ACDC song Hells Bells - Metal_Treasure

13 Our Loved Ones - Volbeat

Original song of 2013.
Michael Poulsen reminds me of the softer and more lyrical James Hetfield voice - Metal_Treasure

14 Don't Talk to Strangers - Blind Guardian

Dio cover. Hansi K├╝rsch does sound like Dio!
The similarity of the voices is natural in that both are high baritones, they have absolutely the same vocal range, both have very ringing and expressive voices, with organic vibrancy. Voices like spring water. Love them both. - Metal_Treasure

15 Out of Control - Edguy

Original song of 1998. Again, Tobias Sammet voice reminds me of Bruce Dickinson a lot - Metal_Treasure

16 Creep - Stone Temple Pilots

Sounds like a bad Eddie Vedder impersonation. - CaptainMowzker

(cough) Kurt Cobain (cough) - xandermartin98

@CaptainMowzker, @xandermartin98:
Your comments confused me... You guys have to decide whether he sounds like Eddie Vedder or Kurt Cobain. Because Eddie Vedder and Kurt Cobain sound pretty different... - Metal_Treasure

17 Praying - Kesha

And she sounds like whom? Can somebody tell us? (somebody added her without any explanation) - Metal_Treasure

I don't hear a resemblance to another singer... - CaptainMowzker

NO! - RogerWatersfan1999

Kesha is kesha. doesn't sound like anybody else. - sajaaltai

18 Animal I Have Become - Three Days Grace

I didn't add this song but the are 2 opinions: sounds like "the Green day guy" and "doesn't sound like another singer".
I think he doesn't sound like "the Green day guy". I can't say there's a striking resemblance to another singer either but the closest is perhaps Matt Shadows of A7X, at least in some sections of the song. - Metal_Treasure

Doesn't sound like another singer to me. - CaptainMowzker

Sounds like the Green day guy here

19 Plowed - Sponge

Dude sounds like Mike Ness from Social Distortion. In fact I remember back when the song came out in 1994, people were asking me if I heard the new Social D song yet (LOL). - THC13

20 Soda Pop - Britney Spears

Britney Spears uses her voice very differently on here then usual. She has more timbre on here, and I think at some parts she sounds close to Christina Aguilera. - Martin_Canine

@Martin - Yes! At times she does sound like Christina! - Metal_Treasure

They use their voices very differently. Britney uses breathier vocals and sings in a higher pitch, also Christina has a much better technique. But on this song it shows how similar they COULD sound like. - Martin_Canine

21 The Lumberjack - Jackyl

I can't really tell what he sounds like. - Userguy44

22 Kill the King - Jorn

Dio/Rainbow cover. And Jorn Lande sounds like Dio! - Metal_Treasure

23 Modern Roman Circus - Helker

Original song of 2013. Diego Valdez reminds me of the late Dio. - Metal_Treasure

24 Am I Demon - Danzig

Original song. I hear an angrier Jim Morrison - Metal_Treasure

25 Metal Gods - Primal Fear

Judas Priest cover. Yes, Ralf Scheepers reminds me of Rob Halford - Metal_Treasure

26 Cosmic Egg - Wolfmother
27 Zombie - The Cranberries

Shakira, anyone? - Martin_Canine

I've always thought that but wasn't sure until now. If another person thinks the same, the singers must have something in common... - Metal_Treasure

28 Seasons Change - Anastacia

Tina Turner - the rock outfit makes it even more similar. - Martin_Canine

29 Need You Around - Smoking Popes

Sounds like Morrissey. - THC13

30 Damaged II - Black Flag

The version off Everything Went Black album sung by Dez Cadena. a lot of people think it's Henry Rollins when Dez sings. They do sound similar to each other. - THC13

31 Straitjacket - Marc Martel

Marc Martel tries NOT to sound like Freddie Mercury but his voice just sounds like that at times - Metal_Treasure

32 Move Your Feet - Junior Senior

This guy is mj to a tee - Aluminati

33 Remedy - Seether

Shaun Morgan kind of sounds like Kurt Cobain. - CaptainMowzker

34 We Will Rock You - Nickelback

Eh Chad Kroeger doesn't sound even similar to Freddie Mercury... - CaptainMowzker

35 Mob Ties - Drake

He sounds like young thug - YeezySeasonApproaching

36 Ye vs. the People - Kanye West

T.I. sounds completely different - YeezySeasonApproaching

37 Through the Wire - Kanye West

He broke his jaw so it makes sense why he sounds different - YeezySeasonApproaching

38 Blurry - Puddle of Mudd

I hear a little bit of Kurt Cobain in this song. - CaptainMowzker

39 With Arms Wide Open - Creed

Scott Stapp sounds sort of similar to Eddie Vedder. - CaptainMowzker

40 Rapture - Underoath
41 Choices - Uriah Heep

John Lawton sounds like Dio in this song.In many other songs actually. - HEAVYMETALTHUNDER12345

42 Heart Songs - Weezer
43 Scream & Shout - Will.I. Am
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