Top Ten Songs Which Describe Types of Moods or Personalities

Feel free to add any you think either describes your own or someone else's personality :).

The Top Ten

1 I Suffer With The Blues - Buddy Guy

"No Good to Cry," The Wild Weeds. The fabulous voice belongs to Al Anderson.

Guess you no longer still couldn't be happier.

No Good To I smiled instead :) Good song. I liked a lot and I agree about the vocals. - Britgirl

Still happy suffering with the Blues ;). - Britgirl

2 Call Me the Breeze - Lynyrd Skynyrd
3 I Am What I Am - Gloria Gaynor

I'm Popeye the Sailor Man! ;).

4 Simply the Best - Tina Turner

Wull thank you. Thank ya verah much:).

5 Jealous Guy - John Lennon
6 Mr. Big - Free

Resisted takin' the bait on thi... D'OH!

Mr. Big by Free - an alternative name for the film: Free Willy :). - Britgirl

Willy's always free... lessin you a giggle-o;).

7 Shy Guy - Diana King
8 Horny - Mousse T. & Hot 'n' Juicy
9 She's Like the Wind - Patrick Swayze

Yup. She musses-up yer topknot, knocks down yer paw-paw patch, blows sand in yer eyes, an' howls like a crazed coydog as you stumble blindly offa ol' No-Bottom Bridge. Other than that, she's the BEST;)).

Well, she sounds like quite a woman! Does she blow your...socks off too...? ;). - Britgirl

Yup. Just like a hurricane: comes storming in, wet n wild, shakes up your world then leaves with your house and car. :). - Britgirl

10 King of the Road - Roger Miller

Kinda the passive version of "Take This Job and Shove It." ;).

The Contenders

11 Right Place, Wrong Time - Dr. John

Better than right time, wrong place. - Britgirl

But don't worry. I gotta map, a compass, an' a flare gun. 'Sides, Ah'm passin'ly familiar wit' the terrain:).

"just' need a little brain-salad soigery... Got to cure my insecurity." ;).

12 Bitch - The Rolling Stones

What, never met one?

Charming. Just...charming. - Britgirl

Well, now... They DO exist, y'know.

13 Allies - Heart

Nice choice, cowboy :). - Britgirl

United we stand. Hmm... might make multiplying harder but much more fun ;). - Britgirl

Divided, we fall. United, we... multiply;).

14 Mississippi Queen - Mountain
15 Delta Lady - Leon Russell
16 Bad, Bad Leroy Brown - Jim Croce
17 Big John - Jimmy Dean
18 Manic Depression - The Jimi Hendrix Experience
19 D.O.G. - Rick Estrin and the Nightcats

Tell ya be careful when you make your midnight creep. I catch you in my yard, I'll put your ass to sleep."

20 Mannish Boy - Muddy Waters
21 Driftin' and Driftin' - The Paul Butterfield Blues Band

"I didn't mistreat nobody, baby I didn't do nobody wrong."

My, my. Throwin' roun' lyrics from the original Charles Brown version. Ain't we gettin' all that wit' our bad self;).

22 Gamblin' Man - Bonnie Raitt

*Takes and holds dice in hand and blows gently...* just for good luck, you understand ;). - Britgirl

Looka hea, now... Blow on mah dice... just' fer good luck, y'understand;).

23 Desperado - Eagles
24 Lie to Me - Jonny Lang

I did not add this comment. - Britgirl

25 She Used to Be Beautiful - Charlie Musselwhite
26 Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers - ZZ Topp
27 Mack the Knife - Bobby Darin
28 The Wanderer - Dion
29 My Way - Frank Sinatra

Shore did. Not as fragile as I seem ;). - Britgirl

"The record shows, she took the... (ahem)... blows,
And did it H E R W A Y";).

30 I'm a Loser - The Beatles
31 Hard Times - Ray Charles
32 Havin' a Real Bad Day - Taj Mahal

"... but we don' havta, we don' havta eat it all.":).

33 I Can't Stand It - Phantom Blues Band
34 Behind Blue Eyes - The Who
35 It Makes No Difference - The Band
36 Deserve Better - Amy Diamond

Yes I do. - Britgirl

37 Just Your Fool - Little Walter
38 Stormy Weather - Lena Horne
39 Everybody's Talkin' - Nilsson

But nobody's saying' squat. 'Slike the Bowels of Babel.

40 Lyin' Eyes - Eagles
41 Coconut - Harry Nilsson
42 Keep on Smilin' - Wet Willie

My smile is wider than the ocean which separates us :)). - Britgirl

Come on. Give it up. Bet I could see them pearls a'gleamin' from way over here:)).

43 Witchy Woman - Eagles
44 Off the Wall - Little Walter
45 Even It Up - Heart
46 Qualified - Dr. John

Re. my comment: You take me too seriously! Tongue -in...cheek, remember? :). - Britgirl

Lemme just'... whip out... mah credentials;).

47 A Good Heart - Kris McKay

Aw, I was rather thinking more of you, sweetie :). - Britgirl

Indeed. (Wait... We talking' 'bout you, right? :).

Shucks.. Betchya say that to ALL one-time great harp-suckin' former 'Merican hotties:).

48 Daydream Believer - The Monkees
49 Bad at Love - Halsey
50 Bitch - Ugly God
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