Best Songs In Which Lil Wayne is Featured

Rapper, whose featured songs are a thousand times better than his originals.

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1 Down Down

No lie at all! This song is the epitome of all songs besides all Linkin Park and Jay-Z songs! Back to when Lil' Wayne was fine.

And the epitome of all video games are Super Mario 64 for the N64 and the Pac-Man World series, which has a character which Jay Sean could voice - Inky.

Jay Sean would be the best singing/speaking voice for Inky (from the Pac-Man franchise).

Lil' Wayne would be the best voice for Bowser Jr. , the son of King Bowser who debuted in Super Mario Sunshine, the successor of the best video game of all time: Super Mario 64.

2 No Love No Love

This song just speaks to me. Wayne and Eminem both had AMAZING verses.

He stepped up his game in a song already unbelievable thanks to eminem's killer verses.

I don't know why this song below Look At Me Now & Down.
This song probably belongs to the 1st place because of its awesome lyrics by both the rappers, rawcious flow by Eminem & a great piece of production by Just Blaze.
Lil Wayne did a great job in this track.

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3 Look At Me Now Look At Me Now V 1 Comment
4 Hit the Lights Hit the Lights
5 I Can Transform Ya I Can Transform Ya
6 Loyal Loyal

This track has a hot beat and they all killed it.

Chris Brown would be the best voice for Pac-Man.

Lil' Wayne would be the best voice for Bowser Jr.

Tyga would be the best voice for Captain Falcon.

7 Gimme That Gimme That
8 Can't Believe It Can't Believe It
9 I'm Into You I'm Into You
10 Forever Forever V 1 Comment

The Contenders

11 I Made It I Made It
12 Roman Reloaded Roman Reloaded
13 I'm On One I'm On One
14 Ready to Go
15 The Motto The Motto
16 Take It to the Head Take It to the Head
17 I'm So Paid I'm So Paid

I... Samuel Sawene... Do Endorse This Song.. Anyway All The Bull Aside This Is The Best Song He's Been Featured On Hands Down. Its Just A Pity That Young Jeezy Ruined The Song

18 Motivation Motivation

Lil Wayne's verse makes this song it should be top 5

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19 Make It Rain Make It Rain
20 Get Your Shine On Get Your Shine On
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