PandaPop Roundup: October 2017 (Spooky Ghost Edition)

So, guess who forgot to release a segment of a monthly series last month! This guy!! Anyway, this is my Halloween special don’t ask for more.

Ghost Town by Adam Lambert
I’ve been slowly revisiting the works of Adam Lambert. He seems like a fascinating guy too. Got banned from the AMAs for kissing a guy mid performance, impressed even Simon Cowell on American Idol, had one top ten hit and just stopped getting more, has a fanbase that outnumbers and skeleton clique and in terms of civility, puts that group to shame, in a way which I can’t decide is a good thing. And he’s been selected to tour with Queen, after they liked his performance of Bohemian Rhapsody. I always felt like they could've picked a better choice, but of the three Adam Lambert songs I've listened to, all three are fantastic, Including this one. The whistling, the guitars, the lyrics of hopelessness, the vocals, it all comes together great. Guess I should listen to more Adam Lambert. 5/5

Ghosts n Stuff by deadmau5
It's ok. The beat works pretty well, and I like the strucutre, which opens with a simple drum pattern and developes in bars of 8 and 16. I also like how it's structured in A minor, as the sound really gives off a nice tone. However, I feel like 128 BPM was actually a bit slow. A song like this one needed some pace, but it fell short. This actually goes for a lot of the techno I listen to tbh. The drums follow a generic 4/4 house beat pattern, which isn't bad, but could've been better. The hi-hats make for decent groove, but I feel like it left too abruptly towards the end. Bassline is decent, I suppose. Actually, the whole song is pretty decent, and I guess deadmau5 is too. IDK. 3/5

Ghost by Halsey
This sounds so bass boosted. That's not a bad thing, as it provides a lot of atmosphere to the track, especially the chorus, which works really well melodically. Her rapping on the verses isn't bad either, and the guitars on the prechorus are absolutely killer. It's a really nice pop song you know? Actually, I haven't listened to it in a long time. I used to ADORE this a year ago. Seriously, this wasn't even the best song on BADLANDS! Huh, guess I should listen to more Halsey. How does her new song go again?



oh god. This is terrible. Eh, one halfway decent album is good enough I suppose. 4/5

Happy Halloween everyone!


Oh shoot I was gonna put Ghost of Freedom by Ice Earth here

eh, maybe next year

song's a 5/5 by the way - ProPanda

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