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41 Yellow - Coldplay

This was the first song I heard by Coldplay. Actually, it was the video that I first fell in love with. But since Yellow, I've been a very faithful lover of this band. They are incapable if making a bad song. - Britgirl

I listened it and loved it but A Sky Full of Stars was the song that made me a huge coldplay fan - zxm

42 A Sky Full of Stars - Coldplay

This song is the best EDM song that I have ever heard,especially at the ending the electronic bass beats and drum beats are awesome,believe me its not like 4 or 5 other EDM songs - zxm

43 Soldier of Fortune - Deep Purple

The reason I added it cause child in time or smoke on the water are great but people seem to like this song more faster than those - zxm

For me this ballad is a timeless classic. - Metal_Treasure

44 Summer of '69 - Bryan Adams

I guess people like this song because everyone can relate to it. - Metal_Treasure

Heaven or run to you is good but this song is a masterpiece - zxm

45 How to Save a Life - The Fray
46 Run to the Hills - Iron Maiden
47 Snow (Hey Oh) - Red Hot Chili Peppers
48 Don't Stop Believin' - Journey
49 Demons - Imagine Dragons
50 It Ends Tonight - The All-American Rejects
51 Superheroes - The Script
52 Your Call - Secondhand Serenade
53 Welcome to the Black Parade - My Chemical Romance
54 Alive - Pearl Jam
55 Wonderwall - Oasis
56 Never Too Late - Three Days Grace
57 Limelight - Rush
58 Alive - P.O.D.
59 The Trooper - Iron Maiden

That's me. This song got me into Maiden and very much into metal. Later I liked many other songs. - Metal_Treasure

60 2112 Overture / The Temples of Syrinx - Rush
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