Top 10 Songs with the Best Alexi Laiho Solos

Alexi Laiho is Children of Bodom's guitarist and vocalist. Besides Children of Bodom, he also played solos for other bands as a guest musician, and these solos count, too.

His solos are very fast, melodic and technical. I love his neo-classical style and I don't remember a solo by him that I didn't like. But like some solos more than others.

Neo-classical guitar style is very demanding and by default guitarists who play neo-classical style have skills that are much above the ones of your average guitarist.

The Top Ten

1 Kissing the Shadow - Children of Bodom

He used different playing techniques in this solo - Metal_Treasure

2 Lil' Bloodred Ridin' Hood - Children of Bodom
3 Downright Dominate - Annihilator

Alexi was a guest musician and played several solos.
Jeff Waters also played several solos. Yeah, if I correctly remember, this song has 8 solos (some of them are guitar duels between Alexi and Jeff) - Metal_Treasure

4 Follow the Reaper - Children of Bodom
5 Downfall - Children of Bodom

A solo with very obvious neo-classical progressions and sound - Metal_Treasure

6 Towards Dead End - Children of Bodom

Besides the solo in the middle of the song, there are cool solos in the intro and the outro - Metal_Treasure

7 Children of Bodom - Children of Bodom

There are several solos - Metal_Treasure

8 Mask of Sanity - Children of Bodom
9 You're Better Off Dead - Children of Bodom
10 Bodom After Midnight - Children of Bodom

The Contenders

11 Triple Corpse Hammerblow - Children of Bodom

Pretty crazy solo - Metal_Treasure

12 Oops I Did It Again - Children of Bodom

Awesome melodic solo! How can this not be on the list!

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