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21 Pepper - Butthole Surfers

"I don't mind the sun sometimes, the images it shows. I can taste you on my lips and smell you in my clothes. Cinnamon and sugary and softly spoken lies. You never know just how you look through other people's eyes." - Metal_Treasure

22 Stimulate - Eminem

"I'm not here to save you / I'm only here for the ride / So let me entertain you / And everything will be fine." - Metal_Treasure

23 Intension - Tool

"Listen to your mother. Your father is right. Work hard. Stay in school. Listen to your mother. Your father is right. Listen to your mother. Your father is right." - Metal_Treasure

24 Perfect Sense - Roger Waters

"Julia, (pause) however (pause - the second thunder in normal direction), in the light and visions of the issues of Stanley, (pause) we changed our mind. (pause) We have decided to include a backward message. (pause - the first thunder is in normal direction) Stanley, (pause) for you, (pause) and for all the other book (short pause) burners."
People often hear "partners" instead of "burners" - I don't know what is correct but Waters' speaking is with a Scottish accent in the soundbite and his "your" sounds like an "ar". - Metal_Treasure

25 Walking with a Ghost - The White Stripes

"Get out of my mind." - Metal_Treasure

26 Nature Trail to Hell - Weird Al Yankovic

"Satan eats Cheez Whiz." - Metal_Treasure

27 Absolute Power - Tech N9ne

"I've traveled many roads and seen many things in search of fortune and fame. All my dreams died no matter how hard I tried so nothing but unhappiness remains. So now I sit with this pen in my hand, itching to produce and perform. Waiting to rule with absolute power. I love these calm little moments before the storm." - Metal_Treasure

28 Piggy in the Middle - The Rutles

"This little piggy went to market." - Metal_Treasure

29 Darling Nikki - Prince

"Hello, how are you? I'm fine. 'Cause I know that the Lord is coming soon. Coming, coming soon",
followed by 37 "hah"s. - Metal_Treasure

30 Sentient 6 - Nevermore

"Seven, seven, seven. I am the bringer of the end, fear me, I am the beast that is technology." - Metal_Treasure

31 Big Hoops (Bigger the Better) - Nelly Furtado

"Oh My God! Descending to the 13th floor, 14, 16, We’re on the 11th floor, descending to the 12th floor, (x2) - Metal_Treasure

32 Nightmare/The Dreamtime - Motörhead

It's a long message - some words may be incorrect but it's something like "Now tell me, about your miserable little lives. I do not subscribe to your superstitious, narrow minded flights of paranoia. I and people like me, will always prevail! You will never stifle our free speech in any country in the world, 'because we will fight forever." "In a single stroke, you poor, stupid, running dogs. Why is it..." - Metal_Treasure

33 Revelation #9 - Marilyn Manson

"You are on the other side now...there ain't no going back once you been here, brothers and sisters...there ain't no going back."
"uh uh the apocoloypse" - Metal_Treasure

34 Tourniquet - Marilyn Manson

"This is my lowest point of vulnerability" - Metal_Treasure

35 P5hng Me a*wy - LINKIN PARK

"Everything falls apart even the people who never frown eventually break down. Everything has to end you'll soon find we're out of time left to watch it all unwind." - Metal_Treasure

36 Shoots and Ladders - Korn

"This is madness" - Metal_Treasure

37 Message of Love - Journey

"Message of love" - Metal_Treasure

38 Michael - Franz Ferdinand

"She's worried about you, call your mother." - Metal_Treasure

39 This City Never Sleeps - Eurythmics

"I enjoyed making the record, very good, very good" - Metal_Treasure

40 Odyssey of the Mind - Enigma

This song contains mostly backward vocals (there are some forward vocals as well).
Lyrics to it are backmasking from the first track on the same album "Le Roi Est Mort, Vive le Roi! " - Metal_Treasure

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