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1 A Day in the Life - The Beatles

Forty second-long chord that made history. I can only imagine what folks were thinking, sitting at their record players in 1967. It's amazing how big of an impact it has on me. Actually, the only thing that's amazing is the fact that it amazes me.

simply the best ending for the last song on a revolutionary album like sgt pepper

The end cord/note made history - ekos

Never could be any other way!

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2 My Love, My Life - Abba

can't overlook the vocal ending - ekos

Still agape every time I hear it

3 Hotel California - Eagles

This song is amazing

4 November Rain - Guns N' Roses

Whoa! It was at #12. My vote made it #10.
But where it deserves to be is #1
Greatest guitar solo ever at the climax.
Slash is not like God... He IS God
Only wish Guns N' Roses remained the same

5 Funk # 49 - Joe Walsh - The Eagles - 1977
6 The Bluest Blues - Alvin Lee

Alvin Lee (played with Ten Years After) - one fast axman, one of the fastest from the 70's - ekos

7 B.Y.O.B. - System of a Down
8 One - Metallica

The song start off very slow and somber, and as it goes along it picks up pace until it eventually evolves into a madhouse of shredding guitars and thundering drums. After a four-minute-long face-melting solo the song charges full-force towards the end for a few seconds, and then slams to a stop with the brutality of a high-speed car accident - a perfect contrast to the gentle, calm vibes of the intro. Nothing short of amazing.

Hands Down... This Song Has Taken My Soul

Not the best metallica ending bu a great one

9 The March of the Black Queen - Queen
10 Life's Been Good - The Eagles

Would love to see Joe Walsh and Alvin Lee play a duo - ekos

They really messed up with the wah wah version. Am I the only one who knows the "Uh oh. Here comes a flock of wah wahs" I KNOW I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO KNOWS!

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11 Sweet Home Chicago - The Blues Brothers

Great cover and ending to the song from the legendary Robert Johnson - some may not think of these guys as a real band but they played live and the band had professional musicians - ekos

12 Karn Evil 9 - Emerson, Lake and Palmer

By far the most exciting climactic ending to any song ever.. SEE THE SHOWW

13 Jealousy - Billy Fury

Dramatic and passionate with really orchestral notes and strong snare drum at the end amazing ending

14 Crazy on You - Heart
15 Fly Me to the Moon - Frank Sinatra
16 Under Pressure - Queen
17 Hammer to Fall - Queen
18 Floods - Pantera

That ending is so beautiful

19 Time Has Come Today - Chambers Brothers
20 Soul Man - The Blues Brothers

Haha love these endings! Like Rumour Has It by Adele should be on here

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