Top Ten Songs With "Blue" in The Title

Not to be confused with: "Top Ten Songs With "Blues" in The Title. This is a completely different list. If you know of any more, feel free to add, or vote for an existing favourite.

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1 Blue Sky - The Allman Brothers Band Blue Sky - The Allman Brothers Band

I love this song. It's bittersweet for me; it's a very happy and joyful tune, and yet it makes me sad because I know that it's one of the last things Duane Allman recorded before he died. - Gg2000

Greatest song ever!

Awesome song. -Squidward48/ Astro_Boy08

2 Blue Jean Blues - ZZ Top Blue Jean Blues - ZZ Top
3 Blue Monday - Bob Seger
4 Behind Blue Eyes - The Who
5 Blue Eyes Cryin In the Rain - Willie Nelson
6 Blue Bayou - Linda Ronstadt
7 Blue Moon of Kentucky - Elvis Presley

One of my favorite Elvis songs. He and the band nailed it. - Gg2000

8 Blue Monday - New Order
9 Blue Suede Shoes - Elvis Presley

Cover of the original by Carl Perkins

10 California Blue - Roy Orbison

The Contenders

11 Tangled Up In Blue - Bob Dylan
12 Blue - Gemini
13 Baby Blue - Badfinger

This is one of their best. - Gg2000

14 Natural Blues - Moby
15 Blue and Lonesome - Little Walter

What a great song. The Stones also do a great version on the Blue and Lonesome album; I'm sure you're familiar with it. - Gg2000

16 Mr Blue Sky - Electric Light Orchestra

Classic. I love this song... - Userguy44

I'm surprised this one wasn't higher...
:D - Rocko

17 Blue Skies - The McGuire Sisters
18 Cadmium Blue - Frond
19 Blue Moon - Moby
20 Goodbye Blue Sky - Pink Floyd
21 Bullet the Blue Sky - U2

One of my favorites from The Joshua Tree. It's probably their heaviest song. - Gg2000

22 Love is Blue - Paul Mariat

I like to discover new songs / bands / artists and was intrigued by this since there is no sample to, well, sample! It's nice. I also read the lyrics to this. They're so sad! The whole song is bittersweet. But it's nice. Thank you to whomever added it. - Britgirl

23 Blue Muppet - Infected Mushroom
24 Bluebird - Paul McCartney & Wings
25 Blue Fog - George Harmonica Smith

Oh absolutely! Thank you. - Britgirl

26 Blue Light - Prince
27 Blue Christmas - Elvis Presley
28 Out of the Blue - System F
29 House of Blue Lights - Chuck Berry

This one is a fun rock and roll tune. - Gg2000

30 Blue Sky Action - Above and Beyond
31 Pale Blue Dot - The Prototypes
32 Blue Eyes - Elton John
33 Into the Blue - Moby
34 Blue - Eiffel 65

This song is awesome. - PhoenixAura81

35 Song Sung Blue - Neil Diamond
36 Blue Morning, Blue Day - Foreigner
37 Blue Jay Way - The Beatles

Probably one of the darkest songs recorded by The Beatles. - Gg2000

38 Midnight Blue - Lou Gramm
39 Blue World - The Moody Blues
40 Blue Sunday - The Doors
41 Blue Star - Egorythmia
42 Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue - Crystal Gayle
43 Midnight Blue - Melissa Manchester
44 Blue Moon Nights - John Fogerty

One of my favorites from Blue Moon Swamp - it's just so laid back. - Gg2000

45 Suite Madame Blue - Styx
46 Blue Midnight - Little Walter
47 Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain - Willie Nelson
48 Bastards in Blue - The Partisans
49 Blue - Leann Rimes
50 Crystal Blue Persuasion - Tommy James & the Shondells
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1. Behind Blue Eyes - The Who
2. Blue Moon of Kentucky - Elvis Presley
3. Baby Blue - Badfinger
1. Blue Sky - The Allman Brothers Band
2. Blue Bayou - Linda Ronstadt
3. Blue Jean Blues - ZZ Top
1. Behind Blue Eyes - The Who
2. Blue Monday - Bob Seger
3. Blue Skies - The McGuire Sisters

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