Top 10 Songs with Both English and French Words in the Lyrics


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1 Voulez-Vous - ABBA Voulez-Vous - ABBA
2 Michelle - The Beatles Michelle - The Beatles

Better sung by the golden voice of Matt Monro. - Britgirl

3 Hold on Tight - Electric Light Orchestra Hold on Tight - Electric Light Orchestra
4 Lady Marmalade - LaBelle

It is a cover of Eleventh Hour (the original came out in 1974). It was covered once again in 2001 by Christina Aguilera, Mýa, Pink, Lil' Kim for the Moulin Rouge! movie soundtrack - Metal_Treasure

This is also my favourite version of the song. Once again, cool list Metal_Treasure! - Lotuscandy

5 Thought I'd Ring You - Shirley Bassey & Alain Delon
6 Eyes Without a Face - Billy Idol

Another favorite as a kid. In fact, it's my favorite song by him. - JCHOW

7 Bad Romance - Lady Gaga
8 Seaside Rendezvous - Queen
9 Psycho Killer - Talking Heads

Great song. This was one of my favorites when I was a kid. - JCHOW

I love this song! - waldo

10 Crush on You - Bruce Springsteen

The Contenders

11 Hungry for You (J'aurais Toujours Faim de Toi) - The Police
12 To the End (La Comedie) - Blur & Françoise Hardy
13 Games Without Frontiers - Peter Gabriel

Featuring Kate Bush singing the title in French "Jeux sans frontières". - Lotuscandy

14 Love on the Beat - Serge Gainsbourg
15 You Never Can Tell - Chuck Berry
16 Circumstances - Rush
17 Don't Ask Me Why - Billy Joel
18 Deja Vu - Blue System
19 Denis - Blondie
20 The French Song - Joan Jett
21 Savoir Faire - Rocket from the Crypt
22 Listen - Urban Species
23 Femme Like You - K-Maro

What happened to him? In 2004 and 05 he had a couple of hits, but then he suddenly disappeared. - Martin_Canine

24 Le Freak - Chic

Le Freak, c'est Chic. - Lotuscandy

25 Rendez Vous - Bruce Springsteen
26 Girls & Boys - Prince
27 A Tout Le Monde - Megadeth
28 Sunday Girl - Blondie
29 I Wish I Could Speak French - Alvin & the Chipmunks
30 Deja Vu - Dionne Warwick
31 C'etait Toi (You Were the One) - Billy Joel
32 Belles of Paris - The Beach Boys
33 At My Window - The Beach Boys
34 Savoir Faire - Mink Deville
35 C'est Magnifique - Cole Porter
36 Rapture - Blondie
37 Comme Ci Comme Ca - Smile. DK
38 My Heart Belongs to Daddy - Marilyn Monroe
39 Protège-Moi - Placebo

French version (with English chorus) of "Protect Me from What I Want" (from their 4th album, Sleeping with Ghosts). It has been translated to French with the help of Virginie Despentes. - Lotuscandy

40 Song for Jedi - Dionysos
41 Aux Sombres Héros de L'amer - Noir Désir

The first song (1989) which made them famous (in France). I've probably heard it too often so it's not one of my favourites from them anymore, but I thought it would fit in. - Lotuscandy

42 Je Te Donne - Jean-Jacques Goldman & Michael Jones
43 Lady Marmalade - Christina Aguilera, Lil Kim, Mya, Pink
44 Lady Marmalade - Eleventh Hour

This is the original (1974). Lady Marmalade has several covers - Metal_Treasure

45 Chacun Fait (C'qui Lui Plaît) - Chagrin D'amour

Probably the first rap song in French (with intro in English), released in 1981. - Lotuscandy

46 For Me Formidable - Charles Aznavour
47 Supreme (French Version) - Robbie Williams

I think this one was only released in France, but it's on youtube.
Edit: His accent is so sexy that I have to add it too on your "Top 10 Songs in French with the Sexiest Vocals" list! - Lotuscandy

48 Tilted - Christine and the Queens
49 Fade to Grey - Visage
50 Bonjour Tristesse - Shanadoo

Fun fact: by a Japanese group that usualpy performs in Japanese. - Martin_Canine

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2. Games Without Frontiers - Peter Gabriel
3. Michelle - The Beatles
1. Voulez-Vous - ABBA
2. Hold on Tight - Electric Light Orchestra
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