Songs With the Best Brian May Guitar Solos

The Top Ten

1 Bohemian Rhapsody
2 The Show Must Go On
3 We Will Rock You
4 Don't Stop Me Now
5 Innuendo
6 Seven Seas of Rhye (Queen II Version)
7 Killer Queen
8 Brighton Rock


They're ALL so excellent, it's hard to choose. Brian May, Dr. Bri, that the greatest guitarist of all time! He can make that Red Special soar to such heights that it sounds like a bunch of instruments. He's the BEST! As are ALL of QUEEN: THE BEST!

9 You're My Best Friend
10 I Want It All

Shocked this is so low. First solo that sprang to mind for me, it's face-melting. - truckturner

The Contenders

11 We are the Champions
12 Bicycle Race
13 Stone Cold Crazy
14 Hammer to Fall
15 Bijou
16 God Save the Queen
17 It's a Hard Life
18 Somebody to Love - Queen
19 Scandal
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