Songs with the Best Guitar Solos on Metallica’s Reload

The Top Ten
1 Fixxxer Fixxxer Cover Art

A legendary solo, my favorite song and solo from Reload! - awesomedp900

2 Devil’s Dance Devil’s Dance Cover Art
3 Prince Charming Prince Charming Cover Art

Such an underrated and cool solo! - awesomedp900

4 Fuel Fuel Cover Art
5 Carpe Diem Baby Carpe Diem Baby Cover Art
6 Bad Seed Bad Seed Cover Art
7 Slither Slither Cover Art
8 Better Than You Better Than You Cover Art
9 Where the Wild Things Are Where the Wild Things Are Cover Art
10 The Memory Remains The Memory Remains Cover Art
The Contenders
11 Attitude Attitude Cover Art
12 The Unforgiven II The Unforgiven II Cover Art

I don't get this list
is it supposed to be a joke? cause in my opinion devils dance has one of the worst solos by metallica - agarthanreaper

13 Low Man's Lyric Low Man's Lyric Cover Art
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