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41 A.C.A.B. II - Spongebozz

Second part of "All Cops Are Bastards". Just as great. As of November 20th, 2017, it's not yet indexed. - Martin_Canine

42 C.P.K.'s - Insane Clown Posse

"Crooked Peacher Killers". I love this album. It's so blissfully deranged. They fully live up to their horror music potential on here. - Martin_Canine

43 C.R.E.A.M. - Wu-Tang Clan

"Cash Rules Everything Around Me" - Martin_Canine

44 C.R.E.A.M. - Fler

The song is based around a sample of Wu-Tang Clan's song, so I guess it also stands for "Cash Rules Everything Around Me". But if you didn't know the original song, you couldn't tell, he never raps any meaning. - Martin_Canine

45 D.I.S.C.O. - Ottawan

Throughout the song, the initials have four different meanings, only O always stands for oh, oh, oh.

"Delirious, incredible, superficial, complicated, oh oh oh"
"Desirable, irrisistible, supersexy, cutie, oh oh oh"
"Disasters, impossible, superspecial, crazy, oh oh oh"
"Delightful, incredible, sensational, candy, oh oh oh" - Martin_Canine

46 D.M.S.R. - Prince

"Dance Music Sex Romance" - Martin_Canine

47 D.S. - Michael Jackson

"Dom Sheldon", an altered version of the name Tom Sneddon, the attourney who unjustly destroyed Jackson's life. - Martin_Canine

48 E.T. - Katy Perry

"Extra Terrestrial" - Martin_Canine

49 FAZ - Bushido & Shindy

Stands for the German quality newspaper "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung". - Martin_Canine

50 G.U.Y. - Lady Gaga

"Girl Under You" - Martin_Canine

51 H.W.C. - Liz Phair

It stands for "Hot White"... well, let's say "come". - Martin_Canine

52 I.D.G.a.F. - Blood On the Dance Floor

This one's meaning's obvious. - Martin_Canine

53 I.H.D.P. - Kollegah

"Ich hasse dich, Player" ("I Hate You, Player").
The chorus is by the way performed by SpongeBozz when he was still called Sun Diego and wasn't famous yet. - Martin_Canine

54 L.O.V.E. - Nat King Cole

"Look", "Only One", "Very Extraordinary" and "Even More". - Martin_Canine

55 L.A. - Amy Macdonald

Even after intense research through the entire world wide web and deep differentiated analysis of the lyrics I found no certain proof of my assumption that "L.A." stands for "Los Angeles". Sorry. - Martin_Canine

56 S.E.X. - Nickelback

Not quite sure if this counts. While S and E stand for "Simple need" and "ecstasy", X is just the marked spot. - Martin_Canine

57 S.O.S. - Jonas Brothers
58 S.O.S. - Good Charlotte
59 S/O - Dat Adam

Despite the slash, it just stands for "shoutout". They just try to make their titles as artsy and futuristic as possible. - Martin_Canine

60 S&M - Rihanna

"Sado masochism" - Martin_Canine

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