Top Ten Songs with Native American Elements

I know that some of these may be stereotypical and based on a sound popularized by movies, but I can't tell which ones are and which ones aren't. I personally know nobody of Native American decent myself. This list was definitely not made to claim these are in any way authentic, and I don't want to offend anybody. I just think these certain elements typically associated with Native Americans sound very beautiful on most songs.

The Top Ten

1 Creek Mary's Blood - Nightwish
2 Prison of Passion - Missing Heart
3 The Spirit of the Hawk - Rednex

Gosh I love eurodance. Eurodance is love, eurodance is life. - Martin_Canine

4 Return To Innocence - Enigma
5 Listen With Your Heart, Pt. 2 - Linda Hunt & Bobbi Page

Surprisingly, this is the only song with singing from the Pocahontas that has notable Native American elements, and even on here it is the instrumental intro.

This song has something so mystical and dream like. I can also recommend the German dubbed version ("Lausche mit dem Herz") where chanson singer Hildegard Knef (a star from the 60s) sings as Grandmother Willow. Knef never was a great singer in the traditional sense, but she brings in something so... truly grandmother like. It's really like your grandmother softly sings to you to listen with your heart. - Martin_Canine

6 Shenandoah - E-Rotic

This is where David Brandes first touched Native American elements. E-Rotic typically had novelty techno songs about sex, but this one stands out of their third album. 4 years later his other group Missing Heart released their debut album, and as you can hear on the "Prison of Passion" sample, it has truly developed into something more musically diverse and graceful. But since people are weird, of course it was E-Rotic who were successful enough to spawn many more albums while Missing Heart were such a massive commercial failure they never released any other music. - Martin_Canine

7 We are One People - Aswad

This song is from the soundtrack of the animated movie "Asterix Conquers America" (as far as I know Asterix isn't known in the US, but the movies from the 60s to the 90s, as well as the comics they are based on, are big cult classics in several countries, and some quotes became part of everyday language, every kid knows them). The song is on none of the band's albums and the soundtrack album seems to be out of print, but it is sung in the movie's final scene, where it lasts for about 2 minutes, I don't know if the album version is longer. - Martin_Canine

8 In Aeternum - Missing Heart
9 Indianer - Nena
10 Porcelain - Moby

The Contenders

11 Maggie - Redbone
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