Top 10 Best Songs with One-Word Choruses

Believe it or not, there are songs with one-word choruses.

The Top Ten

1 Tequila - The Champs

It's also a one-word song and the word is used for the chorus: tequila.
To us - cheers! - Metal_Treasure

2 Barracuda - Heart
3 Panama - Van Halen

The word is "Panama". - Metal_Treasure

4 Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen

The word is "Hallelujah" repeated several times. - Metal_Treasure

What a classic

5 Overkill - Motorhead

This one is a bit tricky because some people may say that the chorus starts with "Don't sweat it...".
But I think that "Don't sweat it [...etc]" is the pre-chorus and "Overkill" is the chorus which is one word (for me the chorus is "Overkill" X3).
But this is debatable and it was the reason I didn't put this song higher. - Metal_Treasure

6 Lola - The Kinks
7 Nomad - Sepultura

"Nomad" is the word for the chorus - Metal_Treasure

8 Catapult - R.E.M.

The word is "Catapult" - Metal_Treasure

9 Victoria - The Kinks

The word is " Victoria " - Metal_Treasure

10 Desire - U2

"Desire" is the only word used in the chorus - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 Moist Vagina - Nirvana

Chorus: "Marijuana" X10 - Metal_Treasure

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