Top Ten Songs with Oriental Elements

According to the German Wikipedia, "orient" had differing meanings over the centuries, in the past basically meaning all of Asia, then later on depending on where you live refering to the Middle East or all Muslim countries. So... let's just include whatever we viscerally consider oriental.

The Top Ten

1 The Siren - Nightwish
2 Fata Morgana - EAV

The audio sample is a newly recorded more rock oriented version. The original is a classic from the 80s. But still, you should get the idea. - Martin_Canine

3 Stargazer - Rainbow

The song is about Egypt and Ritchie Blackmore used arabic scales - one of my all time favorite songs. - Metal_Treasure

4 Köln Kalk Ehrenmord - Eko Fresh
5 Wheel of Time - Blind Guardian

Another all time favorite song of mine - Metal_Treasure

6 Gates of Babylon - Rainbow

Again, Ritchie Blackmore used arabic scales. Incredible song. - Metal_Treasure

7 Ojos Así - Shakira
8 Bu Alemi Gören Sensin - Pentagram

This is a song by a Turkish metal band and they incorporated some oriantal tunes, esp. in the chorus - Metal_Treasure

9 1944 - Jamala
10 4 Elemente - Kollegah & Farid Bang

The Contenders

11 Beautiful Liar - Beyoncé & Shakira
12 Ein Junge weint hier nicht - Kollegah & Slick One
13 Brumlebassen - Trollfest
14 Tales from the Future - Vangelis
15 Insallah - Eko Fresh
16 Get Ur Freak On - Missy Elliot
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