Top 10 Songs with Parts in a Different Language

1) the song is mostly in English but has at least some words in another language - French, Spanish, German, Korean, Finnish, Chinese,...
2) the song isn't in English but has English words in it.
3) the song is in German but has French, Spanish, or any non-German words.
All possible language combinations - from 1-2 words to whole choruses or verses.

I just copied the lyrics from the internet and spelling mistakes are possible.

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41 Don't Ask Me Why - Billy Joel
42 Legacy - Pet Shop Boys
43 Black Diamond Bay - Bob Dylan
44 For Evigt - Volbeat

The song is in EN but has these lines (I guess in Norwegian or Danish):

For evigt, måske for evigt
Skal vi sammen, samme vej
Og når I morgen får øjne, og natten hviler sig
Skal vi for evigt måske samme vej - Metal_Treasure

45 Oops! I Did It Again - Children of Bodom

The song is in English because it's a Britney Spears cover but the spoken part is in Finnish. And it's not a translation of the original spoken part - they talk about drinking in Finnish.
Also, in the intro Alexi uses the Finnish swear word "perkele".

English translation:
Alexi: "Hey guys, I really have to go..."
Janne: "Before you go, look what I brought for you! "
Alexi: "Goddammit, looks good, isn't this a...? "
Janne: "Yeah yeah, sixpack yes."
Alexi: "Oh, you shouldn't have my friend... and besides, we have some hooch here..."
Janne: "I know, but this is for tomorrow morning! " - Metal_Treasure

46 Gekommen Um Zu Bleiben - Wir Sind Helden

The song is in German, but has a few lines where they have some "Genglish" puns on English or German phrases:

"Ihr sagt THE höher THEY COME,
"So verdammt emporgekommen und immer noch STANDING TALL"
"Ihr sagt Was so abgeht must doch bitte COME DOWN"
"Dann sagt ihr schau, THE END IS NEAR, NOW bitte FACE YOUR FINAL CURTAIN" - Martin_Canine

47 Circumstances - Rush
48 Belles of Paris - The Beach Boys
49 Deja Vu - Dionne Warwick
50 Deja Vu - Beyonce
51 Deja Vu - Iron Maiden
52 Rolex Daytona - Kollegah & the Game Rolex Daytona - Kollegah & the Game

Kollegah has two verses and the chorus, all in German, but The Game's guest verse is entirely in English. - Martin_Canine

53 At My Window - The Beach Boys
54 Sunday Girl - Blondie
55 Or Nah (German Edition) - The Game, Kollegah, Too $hort, Problem & Eric Bellinger Or Nah (German Edition) - The Game, Kollegah, Too $hort, Problem & Eric Bellinger

Kollegah's guest verse is the only part of the song that's in German, all of the other rappers perform in English. - Martin_Canine

56 Girls & Boys - Prince
57 No Joke - Shindy No Joke - Shindy

Shindy's worst song to date (and also Ali Bumaye's, who's the feature guest) contains lazy writing, a cheap beat and listless puns. Disappointing from a good and inventive rapper who at that time was at his peak.
Anyway one of the worst parts is the chorus, where Shindy suddenly switches to English but only for the last word(s) so that the lines remotely rhyme.
"Hoes sagen ich bin DOPE
Halt's Maul wenn ich SMOKE
Ich bin allergisch gegen BROKE
Zehn Mille in der Tasche NO JOKE"

Shindy and Ali, you both can do much much better. Why such a lazy filler track on an otherwise great album? - Martin_Canine

58 Amerika - Rammstein

The song is entirely in German, except for part of the chorus ("WE'RE ALL LIVING IN Amerika", later on "SOMETIMES WAR") and the bridge ("THIS IS NOT A LOVE SONG / I DON'T SING MY MOTHER TONGUE, NO"). - Martin_Canine

59 Sweetest Poison - Nu Pagadi

The two verses and the second half of the bridge after the second chorus are in German... the chorus and the first half of the bridge are in English.
This structure of English choruses and German verses was used throughout the band's only album. - Martin_Canine

60 Gangnam Style - Psy

A song in Korean but there are several words in English: style; Eh, sexy lady; Baby, baby; You know what I'm saying - Metal_Treasure

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