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61 Savoir Faire - Rocket from the Crypt
62 Savoir Faire - Mink DeVille
63 C'est Magnifique - Cole Porter
64 C'etait Toi (You Were the One) - Billy Joel
65 Paris-Seychelles - Julien Doré
66 Sorry Angel - Serge Gainsbourg
67 It is Not Because You Are - Renaud

Renaud made here a very personal mixture of English and French, with a touch of humor (and a strong french accent). - Lotuscandy

68 Homelands - Nitin Sawhney

Part in Indian (traditional vocal percussions) and part in Portuguese. I saw them live (magnificent concert), and we were invited (with my friend) to take a drink after the show. We spoke for a long time with the man who made the vocal percussions, I've rarely met someone who shines so much inner peace. - Lotuscandy

69 Listen - Urban Species

Featuring MC Solaar for the french part. - Lotuscandy

70 I'm the Boy - Serge Gainsbourg
71 Die Rache Krieg Lied Der Assyriche - Nile
72 El Chapo - The Game & Skrillex
73 Le Fleuve - Noir Désir

Song in french, with this line in Spanish "Que no se puede, la Vida no vale Nada". - Lotuscandy

74 Soledad - Mano Negra

French band, song (from 1989) in English and Spanish. - Lotuscandy

75 Du Nord Au Sud - Louise Attaque

French with Spanish line "Al quatro vientos sin esfuerzo del norte al sur sin pararse". - Lotuscandy

76 You're Under Arrest - Serge Gainsbourg
77 My Heart Belongs to Daddy - Marilyn Monroe
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