Top 10 Songs with Parts in a Different Language

1) the song is mostly in English but has at least some words in another language - French, Spanish, German, Korean, Finnish, Chinese,...
2) the song isn't in English but has English words in it.
3) the song is in German but has French, Spanish, or any non-German words.
All possible language combinations - from 1-2 words to whole choruses or verses.

I just copied the lyrics from the internet and spelling mistakes are possible.

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61 Wory W Sakone - Spongebozz

The song is mostly in German but frequently interpolates short phrases or words from the Russian language, also the song starts and ends with a sample from a Russian language song. The song has SpongeBozz apologizing to his mother for having become a criminal, and since he is of Russian descent, he occasionally talks Russian.
You know, SpongeBozz barely tells us something about his private life, but by the way how negative he often is when rapping about the streets... he might indeed be authentic. Most thug rappers that are only playing personas would rather brag about their criminal activity. - Martin_Canine

62 Savoir Faire - Rocket from the Crypt
63 Savoir Faire - Mink DeVille
64 C'est Magnifique - Cole Porter
65 C'etait Toi (You Were the One) - Billy Joel
66 Paris-Seychelles - Julien Doré
67 Sorry Angel - Serge Gainsbourg
68 It is Not Because You Are - Renaud

Renaud made here a very personal mixture of English and French, with a touch of humor (and a strong french accent). - Lotuscandy

69 Homelands - Nitin Sawhney

Part in Indian (traditional vocal percussions) and part in Portuguese. I saw them live (magnificent concert), and we were invited (with my friend) to take a drink after the show. We spoke for a long time with the man who made the vocal percussions, I've rarely met someone who shines so much inner peace. - Lotuscandy

70 Listen - Urban Species

Featuring MC Solaar for the french part. - Lotuscandy

71 I'm the Boy - Serge Gainsbourg
72 Die Rache Krieg Lied Der Assyriche - Nile
73 El Chapo - The Game & Skrillex
74 Le Fleuve - Noir Désir

Song in french, with this line in Spanish "Que no se puede, la Vida no vale Nada". - Lotuscandy

75 Soledad - Mano Negra

French band, song (from 1989) in English and Spanish. - Lotuscandy

76 Du Nord Au Sud - Louise Attaque

French with Spanish line "Al quatro vientos sin esfuerzo del norte al sur sin pararse". - Lotuscandy

77 You're Under Arrest - Serge Gainsbourg
78 Je Te Donne - Jean-Jacques Goldman & Michael Jones
79 Harley David Son of a Bitch - Serge Gainsbourg
80 Tostaky (Le Continent) - Noir Désir

I forgot this one! Song in French with chorus in Spanish:
"Para la queja mexica
Este sueño de america
Celebremos la aluna
De siempre, ahorita" - Lotuscandy

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