Top 10 Songs with Unusually Long Lyrics

There many lists about lengthy songs in terms of duration but not about long lyrics.
Longer songs usually also have longer lyrics but not always the longest songs have the longest lyrics because some shorter songs are very fast and/or the singer sings very fast. Or because some songs have long instrumental sections.

I used the number of characters (with no spaces) as the most reliable measurement because for example the number of lines can be misleading - there are long lines and short lines. The number of words can also be be misleading - there are long words and short words.

In my original remix the song order is objective because the songs with the biggest number of characters (with no spaces) are on top. But you can vote and make remixes without any restrictions.

Some of my most favorite songs of all time are on this list. These songs have great music and lyrics. And yes, their lyrics are long.

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21 Wheel of Time - Blind Guardian

Characters (no spaces) - 1,679
characters (with spaces) - 2,115
pages - 3
words - 423
lines - 120
Genre: Symphonic Metal (duration - 8:56) - Metal_Treasure

22 Tag Des Jüngsten Gerichts - Kay One Tag Des Jüngsten Gerichts - Kay One

Now this one may be tricky. The song was not released on any album or single, Kay One just uploaded a video to this song, which is partly autobiographic and partly a diss track aimed at Germany's most successful rapper Bushido, to his YouTube channel. The original video has since been taken down, but re-uploaded by other users and other websites. Why do I say all this? To show you that there is no official audio version. While the video contains about 20 minutes of pure storytelling rapping without chorus or similar, it also contains about 5 minutes of talking, at certain points recorded phone calls and interviews that expose Bushido and other artists involved in their relationship get played and Kay One comments on them. I don't know if you regard those skits in between the main song as part of the lyrics as well, but nevertheless even without them I sure that this would be the longest song so far. Every lyrics website however included the talking in the lyrics:

Characters ...more - Martin_Canine

23 Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen

Characters (no spaces) - 1,566
characters (with spaces) - 1,953
words - 380 - Metal_Treasure

24 Legacy of Hate (Pt.1, 2, 3) - Celesty

Characters (no spaces) - 9798

25 Speedom - Tech N9ne
26 The Elements - Tom Lehrer
27 Yakko's World - Animaniacs
28 We Didn't Start the Fire - Billy Joel
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