Top Ten Songs with the Word "Finger" in the Title


The Top Ten

1 Slipping Through My Fingers - ABBA
2 Mittelfinger hoch - Casper, Favorite & Kollegah
3 Fingers - P!nk
4 Goldfinger - Shirley Bassey
5 Stink Finger - Limp Bizkit
6 Goldfinger - Tarja
7 Trigger Finger - Young Thug
8 Fingerprints - Katy Perry
9 Distant Fingers - Patti Smith Group
10 Trigger Finger - Lil Wayne & Soulja Boy

You all probably know I like Wayne and hate Soulja Boy. Wayne has one of the nicest flows on here, he's way more fluent on here than on most other tracks. Plus the beat is decent, neither too overproduced to overshadow the rapping nor boring and underwhelming. Everything's awesome. And then... Soulja Boy comes in at random. And he delivers THE ultimate worst verse I have ever heard in my life. He is so extremely slow that he delivers about a quarter of the amount of words Wayne does in that time, then constantly repeats his lines (not in a trap chorus kind of way, just at random), uses forced rhymes, saya the word "fresh" so often that it starts smelling rotten, and then doesn't even finish at an even number of bars so his last bar simply consists of the word "yup", for which the beat stops. His whole verse sounds so clumsy and insecure that this authentically reflects the attempt of a 4 year old to write a poem. Why would you, as a chart topping rapper with a big fanbase as Lil Wayne ...more - Martin_Canine

The Contenders

11 She Got the Ring (I Got the Finger) - Chuck Mead
12 I Put the Finger On You - AC/DC
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