Top 10 Songs with the Word 'rainbow' in the Title


The Top Ten

1 Rainbow In the Dark - Dio

Synth and guitar combination is awesome! - jrodz

LarrytheFairy, I guess you wanted to write "This song is so badass" but something had interrupted you... - Metal_Treasure

This song is so bad - LarrytheFairy

Larry, you already say this on BAND just to try to annoy me, you don't need to bring it here too. - Element119

2 Rainbow Eyes - Rainbow

This is an absolutely beautiful song. - Element119

This is 2 in 1: song title + band name - Metal_Treasure

3 Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Judy Garland

I know this is the most popular song on this list but I prefer Dio and Rainbow songs (Rainbow song is again with Dio). - Metal_Treasure

4 Catch the Rainbow - Rainbow

Again, 2 for 1. - Metal_Treasure

5 Rainbow Theme - Saxon
6 Frozen Rainbow - Saxon
7 Rainbow's End - Camel
8 Blinded By Rainbows - The Rolling Stones
9 End of the Rainbow - Barry Gibb
10 Fly to the Rainbow - Scorpions

The Contenders

11 Double Rainbow - Katy Perry
12 She's a Rainbow - The Rolling Stones

The keyboard part is very satisfying - somekindofaguy

13 Ghetto Rainbows - Insane Clown Posse
14 The Rainbow - Ween
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