Top 10 Songs with the Word "Sick" in the Title


The Top Ten

1 Down with the Sickness - Disturbed
2 Touch Me I'm Sick - Mudhoney
3 Sick Sad Little World - Incubus
4 Sick and Tired - Anastacia

When I hear such great songs like this, "Everything Burns" or "Left Outside Alone" I am still shocked that she isn't known in her home country. The album this is on topped the charts in 7 countries and didn't even chart at all in the US... I don't really get how this is even possible. - Martin_Canine

I wouldn't be as surprised if she wasn't known in most of the world and only in one or two countries (like Sixto Rodriguez) or if she was famous only in America (like Garth Brooks), but she is really famous in most countries with big music markets such as UK and Germany, but not in her home in North America. - Martin_Canine

@Martin - yes, I know she's very obscure in her home country (US) which is really strange.
Now, everyone knows I am not into pop but I admit I like her and her powerful voice. She CAN sing (without autotune) and her songs aren't (very) cheesy. This song is one of my favorite by her. - Metal_Treasure

5 Sick Again - Led Zeppelin
6 Sick, Sick, Sick - Queens of the Stone Age
7 Homesick - Airbag
8 Lovesick Blues - Frank Ifield
9 Lovesick Blues - Patsy Cline
10 Sick of You - Gwar

The Contenders

11 Sick and Twisted Affair - My Darkest Days
12 Sick - Adelitas Way
13 Sick of Life - Godsmack
14 Sickman - Alice in Chains
15 You Make Me Sick - P!NK
16 Cut Sick - Angelspit
17 Sick - Evanescence
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